Do you want to wear underwear outside the outer clothing?

Do I have to wear underwear outside the outer clothes?

Interest underwear is a very special underwear, focusing on the sexy and sexual satisfaction of appearance.However, many people have a question when choosing to wear sexy underwear: Do you want to wear underwear outside the outside of your clothes?The answer to this question is not very simple, it depends on the situation.

Materials and design will affect the wear experience

First of all, it is necessary to consider the material and design of sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear is relatively thick, the design is more complicated, it will be uncomfortable to wear, and it will even feel a little tightened. At this time, it is best to put on a piece of underwear to relieve the pressure.

Whether the milk pads and chest pads are plump enough

Secondly, you must consider milk pads and chest pads.The design of some sexy underwear is tedious, and the support of milk cushions and chest pads requires the best results.If your body is thinner and the effect of milk cushion and chest pads is not obvious, you may need to cooperate with some underwear to enhance support.

Avoid pretending too much exposure

Third, we must consider the occasion and atmosphere.Although sexy underwear focuses on sexy and interesting, not all occasions are suitable for wearing.For example, going to church weddings, wearing too exposed sexy underwear is definitely inappropriate.At this time, it is more suitable to choose a decent underwear to wear.

Pay attention to the selection of underwear

Fourth, we must consider the selection of underwear.If your sexy underwear is a backless design, you need to choose the corresponding off -back underwear to match.If it is a designer of the waist, you need to choose a low shoulder strap underwear to match.If it is not paired properly, it may affect the overall effect.

Proper match can be more coordinated

Fifth, we must consider the overall coordination.The design of some sexy underwear is relatively complicated, and it needs to be matched with some other accessories to achieve the best results.For example, stockings, high heels, etc., these need to consider the overall coordination in terms of matching.

The underwear size should be appropriate

Sixth, we must consider the size of the underwear.Inappropriate sizes of underwear may affect the overall effect.If your sexy underwear is small, it is easy to cause uncomfortable feeling.And if the size is too large, it will affect the support effect of the chest.

Sexy underwear can be worn freely

Seventh, we must consider personal habits and preferences.If you prefer free and free, you can not wear underwear at all.And if you want to be more comfortable or worry about private parts, you can consider wearing underwear.

Suitable for you

Finally, what we want to say is whether to choose to wear sexy underwear to need underwear. This is not a problem of non -black or white.We need to determine according to the situation, all aspects that we need to consider before the conclusion.Only by choosing the right sexy underwear that suits you can you make yourself more beautiful and sexy!

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