Does the hotel’s sexy underwear hygiene?

1. The application of sexy underwear in the hotel

More and more hotels have begun to provide sexy underwear services in the guest rooms.Interest underwear has unique design and materials, making people more attractive and energetic during sex.When choosing a hotel, these clothing services can add a novelty and excitement to your itinerary.

2. Worries of sexy underwear hygiene issues

However, many people worry about the hygiene of these sexy lingerie.After many use and cleaning of these clothing, are they really clean and safe and sanitary?How should guests confirm the sanitation of sexy underwear before use?

3. The cleaning method of hotel sex lingerie

Hotels often use professional cleaning methods to ensure the hygiene of sexy underwear.These clothing will be processed by professional cleaning manufacturers who returned to the hotel after the guests are used.These cleaning plants use special disinfection agents and detergents to ensure that the sexy underwear has no residues and can be used with confidence.

4. Standards for sex underwear

The state has strict standards for sexy underwear, and inspection personnel will regularly check related products.Only by detecting sexy underwear can it be sold in the market, which means that sexy underwear should be safe and hygienic.When buying sexy underwear, guests can ask sales staff related certificates and inspection reports to confirm the quality and safety of the product.

5. Hotel’s maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to meet the needs of guests and ensure the cleanliness of the underwear, the hotel will take the following measures: First of all, the hotel will replace sex underwear regularly to ensure that the underwear used is new and clean. Second, when storing sexy underwear, the hotel will guaranteeThe dryness and ventilation of the underwear; in the end, after the guests use the sexy lingerie, the hotel will use a professional disinfection agent for disinfection.

6. How to check the sanitation of sexy underwear

When using the sexy underwear provided by the hotel, it should first check the dryness and ventilation of the underwear, and observe the obvious wear or damage of the underwear.If you find that the quality or cleaning of sexy underwear is wrong, guests should immediately contact the hotel service staff and use their own sexy underwear as much as possible.

7. The advantages of sexy underwear

Although people may have concerns about the sexy underwear used by the public, the use of sexy underwear still brings many advantages.Sex underwear allows guests to try new, exciting sexual experiences, and enhance the fun and satisfaction of sex.At the same time, sexy underwear can also enhance the self -confidence and attraction of the body, and make men and women more charming.

8. Choose a good reputable hotel

In order to avoid the unsafe factor brought about by sexy underwear, guests can choose a reputable hotel and confirm the hotel’s cleaning program and the replacement cycle of underwear.Guests can also ask in advance whether to provide sexy underwear services in advance when booking a hotel in order to choose their satisfactory itinerary.

9. The hygiene of sexy underwear requires the attention of guests

Although the hotel provides guests with clean sexy underwear, the guests themselves also need to be vigilant about the hygiene of underwear.When using sexy underwear, guests should pay attention to cleaning up their bodies, especially sexual organs to avoid germs.At the same time, guests can spray and sterilize further by using disinfection water or high temperature drying before using disinfection water.

10. Summary

When using sexy underwear in the hotel, the hygiene problems worrying about the guests can be solved.The hotel adopts a professional cleaning method to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of sexy underwear.However, guests also need to be vigilant about the hygiene of the underwear and choose a well -represented hotel to avoid negative impacts on sex life.

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