How to draw a sexy underwear picture male

How to draw a sexy underwear picture male

How to draw a sexy underwear picture male

As a special type of clothing, sexy underwear gives people sexy and luxurious special feelings.In modern clothing design, the design of sexy underwear has become a fashion element and has attracted more and more attention.For painters depicting sexy underwear, it is particularly important to draw a picture of sexy underwear.Below, we will discuss how to depict the pictures of sexy underwear men.

Choose the correct tool

First of all, you need to have the right tools to draw a good underwear picture man.You need a thin and soft pen to not damage the surface of the paper when depicting the details of the clothing.In addition, you need some paper, which must be white, soft, smooth, transparent and have good ink absorption.Finally, you also need some pigments suitable for various colors of painting and printing.

Choose the right photo

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Secondly, you need to choose a suitable photo as your reference picture.It is best to choose the front, sides and backs of the sexy underwear picture Male to get more details and angles.If you have no photos, you can use search engines such as Google to search for some sexy underwear pictures, and analyze and observe more while referring to the context.


The third step, you need to start the outline of the male model.Draw the contour in your mind with a pen, do not need to be too tangled with details, and get close to the photo.Use basic geometric shapes such as round, ellipse, rectangular or triangular to help you draw outlines.

Shallow details

The fourth step, when you draw outline, you can start drawing the details of the male model on the outline.First, draw the general shape and lines of clothes, and then draw more details such as the texture of the clothes.

Strengthen details

The fifth step, when you complete the initial static outline and details, you need to check the lines carefully to determine whether the connection and flow of all lines are natural.Add details is also a very important step. You need to pay attention to wrinkles and shadows.

Color filling

Step 6, when the outline and details of the male model are painted, you can fill the color according to the photo.Use the proper color panel and standard layer to create the texture effect with color.


Clear lines

Step 7, and finally the most detailed depiction line steps.This includes various elements such as details, shadows, and light and shadow.These lines should be consolidated and smooth, and each stroke must be careful.

Identification and adjustment

Step 8, after completion, you need to repeatedly check and evaluate the accuracy of the outline, details, lines and colors of the male model.If necessary, make fine adjustments to better reproduce the pictures.


Painting the picture of the sexy lingerie man, the painter needs to use his skills flexibly, and pay attention to the details of the details in order to better reproduce the picture.It is very much to learn from outward, and find new methods and skills from other artists.