How to get on the traffic on Taobao sex underwear

How to get on the traffic on Taobao sex underwear

What is Taobao sex underwear direct traffic

Taobao sex underwear direct traffic is a way of advertising on the Taobao platform, which can help sellers promote product promotion to more potential buyers.Using Taobao sex underwear direct traffic, sellers can put advertisements such as the front desk, search, details, shopping carts, other recommendations, etc., to increase the exposure and click rate of the product, and increase sales.

How to apply for Taobao sex underwear direct traffic

To apply for Taobao sex underwear direct traffic, it is necessary to have Taobao seller accounts, shops and baby underwear at the same time meet certain requirements. For example, the store’s reputation level of more than 1 star, the dynamic score of the whole store of 3.8 or more, the volume of baby transactions, evaluation quality, etc. must meet the requirements.

Formulate plans and budgets

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Before applying for Taobao sex underwear, a plan and budget need to be developed.The plan includes baby, keywords, bids, time of delivery, etc.The budget refers to the funds for advertising, which need to be formulated according to the actual situation, cycle, purpose, etc.

Keyword selection and bidding settings

It is important to choose appropriate keywords and make bidding settings.Selected according to the nature, characteristics, and popularity of sexy underwear.Then, appropriate bids are made according to the average bidding, bidding, and competitors’ bids of keywords.

Production marketing documents

Making high -quality marketing copy can attract more potential buyers.In the copywriting, the selling point, characteristics, and advantages of the baby should be highlighted. At the same time, the keywords should be combined with keywords to make creativity and language, so that buyers can see the desire to buy after seeing the advertisement.

Optimize your baby page

A optimized baby page can increase buyers’ willingness to buy and increase sales.The content of the page is simple and clear. The quality of the picture is high, and the keywords related to the baby should be used in various aspects such as the baby title, description, attributes, etc., and the pages presented can satisfy the buyer.

Monitoring and analysis data

Monitoring and analysis of activities can fully understand the promotion effect.Through data analysis, many links in the event can be optimized.During the event, it is necessary to monitor the baby, keywords, bids, advertising ideas, etc., analyze data, learn from experience and lessons, and further optimize marketing strategies.

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Analysis and response to the competitive environment

Taobao sex underwear is directly opened to traffic. Due to the participation of sellers, the competition is very fierce.In order to cope with the competitive environment, sellers need to observe and analyze the launch, bid, advertising copy, etc. of competitors, and then adjust their strategies and solutions to achieve better promotion results.

Constantly optimize

Taobao sex underwear is a dynamic process. In the process of launching, it is necessary to continue to be optimized and adjusted, trying new solutions, bids, or keywords.In order to continuously optimize the promotion strategies and methods, we can continuously improve the exposure and conversion rate of stores to achieve better promotion effects.


Taobao sex underwear is a favorable promotion method. It can bring more passenger flow and orders to sellers. At the same time, it also provides more choices and purchase opportunities for consumers who buy sexy underwear.Through the active monitoring and analysis of the launch, formulate effective plans, make reasonable investment, and continue to optimize. Taobao sex underwear direct traffic can bring good publicity and launch effects.