How to tell my husband with sexy underwear

How to tell my husband with sexy underwear

How to tell my husband with sexy underwear

For many women, wearing erotic underwear can increase confidence and sexy, making yourself feel more beautiful.However, some women may feel embarrassed or difficult to open up and tell their partners accurately.Let ’s understand how to tell my husband with sexy underwear to increase sexual fun and romantic atmosphere.

1. Understand your needs

You need to understand your needs before trying to discuss with your partner.Consider what you want to show yourself, such as sexy, romantic, naughty, cute and so on.After understanding this, you can choose different erotic underwear according to different occasions to achieve the effect in your mind.

2. Attitude kinship

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When talking to your husband, you need to keep a peaceful and affinity attitude.Interesting underwear is not a game that makes you fun, but is a tool to help you show your more confident and sexy tools.Don’t let your nervousness or shyness affect your expression, maintaining an open and close atmosphere can make the conversation more natural and relaxed.

3. Tell the advantages of sexy underwear

Before telling your husband that you want to use sexy underwear, you need to understand what you expect to get.When describing the advantages of sexy underwear, you can first describe it to make you more confident and make you more sexy and charming in sex.Then introduce the different styles and colors of sexy underwear, such as lace, mesh, transparent and hollow, etc., so that your husband can understand your needs and taste.

4. Ask your husband

Like many things, it is important to ask your husband to consult his husband.When you ask, you can ask him about his views on such underwear, and how he feels and feels when you wear it.Through such a conversation, you can better understand what your husband’s attention and care, so as to further reach a consensus.

5. Show respect

When you ask your husband’s opinion, you need to show your respect and understanding of him.If your husband does not solve the lingerie, you need to give him some time and space to accept and adapt.Don’t complain, but show an attitude of understanding and patience.

6. Try different aesthetics

If your husband accepts sexy underwear, you can start looking for styles and aesthetics that suits you.You can try to wear different styles, such as rabbit ears, tube top vests and glowing peach blossoms, and so on.This can also make your husband feel the different appearances you have always performed, and increase interest and romantic atmosphere.

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7. Let yourself feel comfortable

Before trying sexy underwear, you need to make sure that you can feel comfortable and comfortable.For others, wearing a sexy underwear to leave sufficient time and space for yourself, so that you can adapt to your appearance and feelings.Don’t force yourself, but should be gradually let it be part of your life.

8. Feel the quality of sexy underwear

Each woman has different quality standards for sexy underwear.The quality of loose bands, thickness, materials, size and coordinates should be considered.Make sure you buy high -quality underwear so that you can experience its high quality and make you more comfortable.

When discussing the use of sexy underwear, you must maintain a frank and open attitude with your partner, so as to allow you to achieve your expected results.Sexy and self -confidence are both beautiful traits. Don’t miss the opportunity to show them in daily life.