Is Taobao sex lingerie safe?

The popularity of Taobao sex underwear

In recent years, sexy underwear has been sought after by women, and more and more women have begun to buy sexy underwear on Taobao. The rise of this trend has also caused many people to worry about the quality and safety of sexy underwear.Then, let’s explore the safety of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

There are many types of Taobao sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao, including sexy, normal, open, T pants, sets and other types.There are different types of design and style options for each type.This rich category and diverse choices allow women to find the most suitable styles on Taobao, but they also confuse and insecure them.

Taobao sex underwear is affordable

Compared with the high price of offline sex underwear, the price of sexy underwear on Taobao is very affordable.At the same time, the cost of sexy underwear on Taobao is also low. Many sales providers will directly produce in the factory in batches. Such cost control also adds favorable conditions for price compression.

The quality of Taobao sex underwear is low

Most of the sexy underwear sold on the Taobao platform comes from manufacturers or agents. It is difficult for sellers to know the detailed information of the product, resulting in low transparency of information.For women who want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, this lack of quality control and information transparency is a bad news.

Taobao sex underwear has fake products

There are many fun underwear brands sold on Taobao, and there are some fakes.Because of the opaque quality control, Taobao merchants may occupy the market through mixed fakes.It is difficult for buyers to distinguish the authenticity, so they need to pay special attention.

The material of Taobao sex underwear is difficult to master

The material of sexy underwear has a great impact on human health, but merchants selling sexy underwear on Taobao rarely provide detailed raw material information.Coupled with the styles and occasions of sexy underwear, some merchants will choose to use low -grade fabrics in order to pursue costs and profits, which will have a certain impact on human health.

There are difficulties in the size of Taobao sex underwear

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is also difficult to buy in size.Because the style and design of sexy underwear are relatively special, and the choice of size is relatively unique, which is a problem for many women.Some merchants cannot provide sufficient size choices, causing many women to buy difficulties.

Disinfection and cleaning of Taobao sex underwear is very important

To buy sexy underwear on Taobao, disinfection and cleaning are very important.Because the source of the goods is unknown, it needs to be carefully disinfected before use, and washed according to the washing standard.This can ensure the safety of goods and give full play to its performance and service life.

Taobao sex underwear brand and word -of -mouth recommendation

If you want to buy high -quality and safe sexy underwear in Taobao, it is best to choose some sexy underwear merchants with well -known brands and reputation for purchase.These merchants will make more guarantees in terms of quality.

Taobao sex underwear demand needs rational evaluation

Buying sexy underwear is a very private thing. Women must rationally evaluate their needs when buying, and choose the right style and merchant.Under the previous mention, Taobao’s sexy underwear is still very recommended.


In summary, Taobao’s sexy underwear itself is not problematic. The problem is that the quality control and information transparency of the merchant.In the hands of consumers, the rational consumption attitude and selection of reliable merchants are the two most important principles for buying sexy underwear.In this way, you can easily, safe, and healthy enjoyment of the beautiful experience brought by sexy underwear.

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