Is there a condom that you buy sex underwear?


Sex underwear is becoming more and more popular, and in the process of buying sexy underwear, many people will ask whether there are products such as condoms.In this article, we will explore the related problems of buying sexy underwear to make consumers clarify their needs.

The relationship between sex underwear and condoms

"Interesting underwear" is called "sexy underwear" in mainland China. This is a clothing that is used to express the sexy charm of women, enhance experience feelings, and flirting.The contraceptive method that is closely related to condoms is not directly associated with sexy underwear.If you buy sex underwear for condoms, you need to consider factors such as marketing strategies and product packaging, main styles and other factors of merchants.

Commonly paired meals in sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear merchants will sell or sell some products such as sex dolls, massagers and other products at the same time, and provide some sexual health products such as condoms in these products as gifts.These products are usually designed to meet the needs of customers’ fun experience.

Types and use of condoms

Condoms are a way of contraceptive, which are mainly used to prevent sexual diseases and prevent women’s pregnancy during sexual intercourse.The common condoms on the market now include prevention infection, ultra -thin, long -acting, delay, test types, etc.The use of condoms is very simple. For specific operations, please refer to the instructions.

Sex underwear still needs to pay attention to safety issues

Although sexy underwear and condoms are not necessarily related, consumers must pay attention to their safety when buying sexy underwear.After all, many sexy underwear merchants will disguise low -quality or low -cost products as high -end brands and even add harmful substances.

Capsules cannot replace regular contraceptive methods

Even if you buy a high -quality condom, you cannot ignore its contraceptive effect and disease prevention effect.Some illegal merchants may mislead customers and make them think that as long as they use the "Advanced" condoms, they can avoid accidental pregnancy and infectious sexual diseases, and no need to use drugs or formal contraceptive measures.This idea is wrong, and defense measures must be taken when performing sexual behavior.

Consumers must know how to distinguish

For the choice and purchase of condoms, consumers must understand different brands, functions, specifications, quality and other knowledge, maintain high vigilance, and avoid buying false or inferior products.

Interesting underwear and its entertainment in different occasions

Frequent erotic underwear in common occasions is nothing more than dating, parties, weddings and other occasions.The sexy underwear in these occasions has its own characteristics and corresponding styles, such as intimacy, fashion, and portable activities.Consumers can choose different styles for different occasions, so that the body and mind can be fully relaxed and enjoyed.

The relationship between condoms and fun experience

The answer is very simple for buying sexy underwear for condom gifts: no need.Although there are some merchants selling sexy underwear and condoms such as condoms in the market, we can fundamentally see that buying erotic underwear and using condoms is not necessarily related. Consumers can choose whether they need to buy according to their own needs.condom.However, we must pay attention to safety issues, and we must use regular defense measures when performing sexual behavior.


The two products of sexy underwear and condoms are not necessarily related, and they should not confuse the relationship between the two.For consumers who need to buy condoms, we must understand the types and quality of condoms, and choose regular channels when purchasing.Consumers must pay attention to safety issues when performing interests to avoid unnecessary harm.

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