Sex underwear needs to wear chest pads?

What is a chest pad

The chest pad is a inserted breast pad, and the volume and thickness can be customized according to the needs.It can be used to fill women’s bra cups to achieve the effect of increasing chest size and improving clothes.

Why do I need chest pads

Women who need to wear sexy underwear can also choose whether to add chest pads when choosing underwear.Because the chest pad can fill the bray cup well when the chest shape is not perfect, making the chest shape more perfect.In addition, women can also use chest pads to avoid the nipple penetrating the coat when wearing thin clothes.

Choose the factors of the chest pad

When choosing a chest pad, the following factors are mainly considered: shape, volume, thickness, texture, etc.When choosing a chest pad, consider the use of different chest pads according to your own needs.

Choose the chest pad that matches the underwear

When choosing the right chest pad, try to match the sexy underwear as much as possible.It is best to choose a chest pad similar to the shape of the underwear cup and match the size to achieve the best aesthetic effect.In addition, the color should also match the underwear to avoid uncoordinated situations.

Choose the right chest pad shape

For chest pads, shapes are also very important.It is best to choose the shape of your own chest curve well.If your chest is relatively flat, choose a thicker chest pad to highlight the beautiful form of the curve and chest.

Choose chest pad material

The material of the chest pads is usually silicone or cotton. The chest pads made of silicone are more suitable for tight underwear and light and thin underwear than cotton chest pads.The cotton -made chest pads are more suitable for use in underwear and conventional sports equipment with good air flow.

Pay attention to the hygiene problem when using

When using chest pads, pay attention to keep it clean to avoid bacterial breeding.The chest pads should be cleaned gently, and then dry, do not squeeze or clean it roughly.The use time of the chest pads is usually 3 to 6 months, and then new chest pads need to be replaced.

Pay attention to the effect of chest pads on health

Although chest pads can make women’s appearance more beautiful, excessive use or choosing unsuitable chest pads will have a certain impact on health.The thickening of the chest pad is too large and the breathability may cause skin diseases and form mastitis.


It is recommended that women choose whether to add chest pads when choosing sexy underwear.When choosing a suitable chest pad, choose according to your needs and situation.At the same time, it should be softened when using and withdrawing the chest pad to avoid damage to the breast.

in conclusion

Whether you need to wear chest pads when choosing sexy underwear depends on personal needs and situations.If you need to use a chest pad, you should also choose the appropriate chest pad according to your own situation.Reasonable use of chest pads can bring extra points for women’s appearance, but also pay attention to factors such as hygiene and health.

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