Sexy underwear express pack pictures

Sexy underwear express pack pictures

1. Introduce sexy underwear express packaging

With the development of the times, sexy underwear is becoming more and more accepted by the public, and more and more people have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear online.And these sexy underwear express packaging is also becoming more and more important, because it needs to protect naked or sensitive parts, and it also needs to protect privacy.

2. Express packaging type

At present, the sexy underwear express packaging in the market is mainly divided into two types, one is transparent plastic bag packaging, and the other is the black opaque bag. Among them, opaque bag packaging is the most common.

3. Occuasable bag packaging

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The opaque bag packaging is generally used in black plastic bags. There is no logo in the outer layer, and the inside protects the sexy underwear in the form of dust paper or bubble bags.This form of packaging protects customers’ privacy to the maximum extent, and also avoids the peeping of express delivery.

4. Transparent plastic bag packaging

Transparent plastic bags are generally used for some simple sexy underwear, without naked parts and small size.Although this form of packaging is not as good as opaque bag packaging privacy protection, the price is cheap and more environmentally friendly. It is also available for some sexy underwear that does not require too much privacy protection.

5. How to protect underwear

In addition to the packaging of opaque bags or transparent plastic bags, there are some ways to protect underwear.For example, add air pads or paper pads to the underwear to keep the underwear dry and protective wear to ensure the quality of the underwear.

6. How to protect privacy

In addition to using opaque bag packaging, courier packaging also needs to take some measures to protect customers’ privacy.For example, the product information will not be labeled on the courier package, and the label related to the product will not be pasted outside the package to prevent customers from being exposed.

7. Avoid confusion with ordinary express delivery

The confusion with ordinary express delivery is a problem that the express packaging needs to pay attention. Generally, sexy underwear courier packaging will marked clear content on the courier form to avoid confusion with ordinary express delivery.At the same time, the courier can also be required to contact the customers in advance before delivery to ensure accurate address information and consignee information.

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8. Guarantee time and place of privacy

In addition to the privacy of the product itself, the time and place of the express package is also very important.Do not use the company or office address when filling in the delivery address, try to use the home address as much as possible to avoid being found sensitive express information on unnecessary occasions.

9. Summary

In addition to protecting the quality of the underwear, it is necessary to protect the privacy of users.The packaging method is not only directly related to the user experience, but also the brand image. Therefore, when choosing a courier packaging, you need to consider all aspects.

10. Conclusion

In order to ensure the user’s purchase experience and brand image, sexy underwear and express packaging are inseparable.To choose transparent plastic bags or black opaque bags, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the types of sex underwear, user needs and environmental protection, in order to choose the most suitable packaging method.