Shenzhen Sex Lingerie Contest Video

Shenzhen Sex Lingerie Contest Video

Background introduction

Recently, Shenzhen held a large -scale sexy underwear contest, and many well -known brands and designers participated in it.The competition video quickly became popular on the Internet and became a hot topic.Let ’s take a look at the prosperity of this competition and the bold innovation of underwear brands in design.

The avant -garde design is eye -catching

In the video, we see the bold innovation of underwear brands in design.Some brands have launched sexy hollow underwear, strap -style underwear, and even wings made of lace, showing fashionable avant -garde and sexy charm.

Application of new materials

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In addition, many brands that have been explored in the application of materials can also be seen in the video, such as using soft and comfortable velvet, kapok fiber with antibacterial deodorization, high elastic fiber fabrics, etc. The application of these materials is not only the application of these materials not onlyEnhance the comfort of the underwear, and also gives people a visual novelty.


The brand has also made bold attempts in the use of color, and it is no longer limited to traditional colors such as black, red, white, and skin tone. The use of orange, purple, fluorescent green and other colors make the underwear rejuvenate with different charm.

Sexy and comfortable balance consideration

Although the designers are pursuing sexy, they also consider the comfort of the underwear to ensure that the underwear not only has good appearance and texture, but also to ensure that the material is soft and comfortable, the version is combined, and the unrefined elements can be used.To the wonderful visual effect, not because of wearing underwear.

Create of brand image

The brands and designers participating in the competition are not only competing for underwear design and showing their creativity, but also showing the personality and characteristics of the brand to enhance the brand image and attract more consumers.In the market where the underwear industry is fierce, a high -quality brand image can help the brand stand out.

Stimulate people’s enthusiasm for underwear

The underwear brands and designers participating in the competition are not only competitive, but also to the audience and the world that they are enthusiastic about underwear and fashion.This competition has stimulated consumers’ enthusiasm for sexy underwear, and also injects new vitality into the development of underwear brands.

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Publish underwear culture

Through this competition, the development of Shenzhen underwear industry and the prosperity of underwear culture.Underwear is not just a kind of wear, but contains people’s longing and pursuit of a better life.The official release of underwear culture has made more people pay attention to the importance of underwear development, and has also promoted the future development of the sex underwear industry.

Diversified display brand

The scene of the underwear competition not only shows the brand design level, but also provides a variety of display such as brand creativity, marketing, and offline sales. Each brand has its unique display space. Consumers can deeply understand the brand behind the brand.Stories, ideas and products.

Impact on young people

The successful holding of the underwear contest has injecting new vitality into the underwear industry, which has also affected the values of young people.Underwear is no longer just dull and private clothing, and it has become a representative of fashion.For young people, the design and brand of underwear have gradually become part of the fashion trend.


The Shenzhen Sexurian Underwear Contest is not only an important platform for underwear design, brand display and market expansion, but also an important carrier to promote the upgrade, innovation and cultural output of the underwear industry.It is believed that in the near future, this fashion capital in Shenzhen will get more attention and development and become the leader of the sex underwear industry.