Star erotic underwear private photos pictures

Star erotic underwear private photos pictures

1 Introduction

As a kind of practical, beautiful and sexy underwear product, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved by fashionable women.Modern stars are also keen on wearing sexy underwear to show a graceful figure in public or private occasions. Social media such as Weibo and INS also frequently revealed various private photos.Let ’s take a look at some pictures of celebrities’ sexy underwear!

2. Costume beauty Liu Shishi’s marriage photos

Liu Shishi wore a lace corset at the wedding, and the bow design on the chest added a bit of cuteness and sweetness.At the same time, the texture and flower type of lace sketch Liu Shishi’s sexy shoulder line and charming curve, which is very elegant and charming.

3. Zhou Dongyu of half -naked private photos

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Zhou Dongyu has taken a set of semi -naked private photos in a magazine. A black hollow and fun underwear is particularly noticeable. The black texture and hollow design fully show Zhou Dongyu’s sexy and mysterious.

4. Qiong Yao drama heroine Zhao Wei’s black see -through underwear

Zhao Wei often appeared in the scenes of the underwear in Qiong Yao’s drama, showing her wheat skin color and beautiful figure.Once she appeared at the airport, she wore a black perspective flower underwear, the flower pattern on the underwear and the pattern on the pants very coordinated, showing the delicateness of women.

5. Porn star lace underwear

During the filming of "GQ" magazine in 2012 in the "GQ" magazine in 2012, he put on a pink lace panties and put on a variety of sexy postures with a teasing attitude.It can be seen in the whole group of photos that the material and small details of the lace are very sophisticated, which fully reflects the sexy and beauty of Sophie Masso.

6. Liang Chaowei’s wife Chen Jiahua

Liang Chaowei’s wife Chen Jiahua has participated in the advertisement taken by the underwear brand. A red underwear designed by a lace design on her chest is particularly eye -catching.The overall design is simple and clear. At the same time, the lace design and red tone on the chest are full of "desire and enthusiasm", which is very sexy.

7. Classic movie heroine Julia Roberts

In the 1990s’s film "Beautiful Woman", Julia Roberts once wore a black lace bra to show the classic aesthetics at the time.This bra is not noble and gorgeous, but it exudes a sexy and shyness, which fully shows the "small twist legs" and beauty of Julia Roberts.


8. Mo Wenwei, a sexy goddess in the 1990s

Mo Wenwei once appeared in a underwear advertisement, wearing a black and silver lace sexy underwear, with a novel and personal design.She used a variety of sexy postures to show her proud curve, let the advertisement immediately shadow, and became an advertising spokesperson.

9. High Seventeen Lang Lord Hoshiro Hoshino Noai

In the Japanese drama "High Seventeen Times", the heroine Hoshino Shinrina was wearing a black sexy underwear on the edge of lace, outline her charming curve.The mysterious black and the sexy lace complement each other, giving Hoshino Naina more temptation.

10. Summary

These stars are not only the representatives of fashion, but also the spokesperson of sexy underwear. They show their beauty, sexy and confident confidence through wearing erotic underwear.The design of sexy underwear is very particular, and the quality is becoming more and more excellent, bringing more noble and elegant experience to women.Selecting sex underwear should be selected according to your preferences and body characteristics, master your own dressing skills, and show your best self.