Star girls who pass through sexy underwear

Star girls who pass through sexy underwear

Star girls who pass through sexy underwear

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer regarded as a decent thing as in the past, but has become a way to show femininity.Not only ordinary women love to wear sexy underwear, but even stars have joined this ranks.Today, let’s take a look at some stars girls who pass the sexy underwear.

1. Lady Gaga (H2)

Lady Gaga is a unique female singer, and her clothes have always been different.In the MV of "Poker Face", Lady Gaga wore a set of sexy sexy underwear to show her confidence and charm.

2. Liang Luoshi (H2)

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Liang Luoshi is a highly anticipated actress in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, known as the "little swallow".During a attending event, Liang Luoshi wore a black sexy underwear to set off her charming figure.

3. Zhao Wei (H2)

Zhao Wei is an actor in Mainland China. She has been a cover girl who has been sexy stunner.In 2010 Baidu Charity Graphic Charity Action, the shape of her black sexy underwear caused a lot of sensation.

4. Taylor Swift (H2)

Taylor Swift is an American female singer and actor, and has won the Grammy Award for nominations and awards many times.In the MV of "Bad Blood", Taylor Swift wore a skinny sexy underwear perfectly, perfectly showing her figure characteristics.

5. Wu Xin (H2)

Wu Xin is a host of Mainland China and a post -90s girl.In the program of "Happy Camp", Wu Xin wore a red sexy underwear, exuding the charm of a girl.

6. Miranda Kerr (H2)

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel with a perfect figure and a famous underwear model.She once put on various sexy sexy underwear on the Wei Mi Show, showing her perfect figure.

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7. Cecilia Cheung (H2)

Cecilia Cheung is a actress from Hong Kong. He once became popular with the movie "Infernal Affairs".When attending the Beijing Film Festival in 2010, Cecilia Cheung wore a black sexy underwear and showed a big and sexy on the red carpet.

8. Katy Perry (H2)

Katy Perry is an American female singer and actor, and her songs have been very popular.In her "California Dreams" tour, Katy Perry wore a pink erotic underwear to make the fans shine.

9. Huang Shengyi (H2)

Huang Shengyi is an actor in Mainland China, once known as Huadan.During the filming of "Swordsman", Huang Shengyi wore a black sexy underwear to show her sexy and charm.

10. Emma Watson (H2)

Emma Watson is a British actress who plays the heroine Hermione in the "Harry Potter" series of movies.In her photo with her friend Eva Green, Emma Watson wore a black sexy underwear, exuding a sexy atmosphere.

Conclusion (H2)

In short, in today’s society, wearing sex underwear has become a trend.Both ordinary women or star girls are showing their sexy charm.Of course, it is necessary to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. Be careful not to expose your body too much and leave a bad impression.