Story of wearing sexy underwear dry

Story of wearing sexy underwear dry

Story of wearing sexy underwear dry

In modern society, the wearing of sexy underwear has become a popular way of fashion.They have a particularly strange and explicit style from simple and sexuality, which undoubtedly is an effective tool for enhancing the intimate relationship between husband and wife.This article will introduce some stories of sexy underwear.

1. The threshold of sexy underwear

For some women, wearing sex underwear requires some courage.It is more valuable than ordinary underwear and more sexually hints.Therefore, they often need considerable courage to put on it.However, once this obstacle is overcome, they will feel like flowers blooming like flowers, exuding incredible charm.

Second, sexy underwear and sex

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Interest underwear is an important part of enhancing sexual love.Putting on sex lingerie can increase the taste of husband and wife, making sex more beautiful and romantic.The design of sexy underwear can be targeted at different figures, which can make their figures more perfect and sexy.

Third, sexy underwear is not limited to women

Unlike the imagination of ordinary people, sexy underwear is not just a female patent, and men can try to put on them.Men’s fun underwear can bring unusual pleasure, and at the same time, it can better evoke the spark of sex between husband and wife.

Fourth, the beauty of sexy underwear

The appearance and color of the sexy underwear, and due to their unique design and fabrics, the women they wear are usually a fascinating scroll.The exquisite design and fabric make sexy underwear equally important in sexy and artistic. It allows women to emit a noble, elegant and sexy temperament.

5. Selection of sexy underwear

Choosing sex underwear is a learning.There are many sexy lingerie brands on the market, and each brand has its characteristics and distinctive style.When choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to pay more attention to the characteristics of yourself and the other person. Choose the style that is suitable for yourself and the other party. The price is not the first consideration.

6. The timing of sexy underwear

The timing of wearing sexy underwear is also particular.When the husband and wife are usually watching a movie together in bed when they are bored, wearing sexy underwear will create a new atmosphere, which will increase the love between each other.At the same time, wearing sexy underwear on the bed can also increase some stimuli between husband and wife, making sex more creative.


Seven, the habit of sexy underwear

Although the wearing of sexy underwear has its own benefits, excessive use is not advisable.Wearing sexy underwear for a long time will lead to a reduction in the experience of ordinary underwear.Therefore, most of the ordinary underwear should be worn on weekdays. After all, sexy underwear should be left for special moments.

Eight, sexy underwear ownership

Having one or two sets of sexy lingerie is very important for the relationship between husband and wife.When getting along with each other, you will indeed find some goodness of wearing sexy underwear and appreciate each other’s figure and charm.Of course, this is not to say that couples who must have sexy underwear and be good at creating a good and sexual atmosphere can also use other ways to increase sexual love.

Nine, sexy underwear and sexy

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only increase the taste of husband and wife, but also make people more and more sexy.When people develop the habit of wearing sexy underwear, their personality and behavior will become more sexy.

10. The point of view of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very popular and beautiful thing.It has the multiple benefits of increasing the intimacy between husband and wife, enhancing sexual love, and exuding a beautiful and sexy temperament.In terms of choice, wear, timing, possession, and types, we should choose carefully and use them wisely.Interest underwear is not just a patent that belongs to women.Men can also put on sexy underwear to create a more romantic and gorgeous sex world.