Supplies Women’s Private Parts Alternative Toys Sexy Underwear

Supplies Women's Private Parts Alternative Toys Sexy Underwear

Supplies Women’s Private Parts Alternative Toys Sexy Underwear

Traditional sexy underwear has long been able to meet the needs of modern women.Now women are more inclined to alternative, innovative toys and sexy underwear, all of which have brought more fun and challenges to women’s lives.This article will introduce some alternative toys and sexy underwear to readers, aiming to help women better enjoy the fun of sex.

1. Questing butterfly pants

The advantage of this shock butterfly pants is its soft material, special design and more flexible usage.This sexy underwear is composed of a butterfly -shaped vibrator and elastic belt, which makes it suitable for women of all sizes.It can be controlled by wireless remote control, which means that you can control your partner to control your fun as you want.You can use it in a public place, or in a separate room to perform irritating remote control with your partner.

2. Transparent finger massage stick

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It is an alternative finger telescale that can perform massage, teasing and other various toy games.It has a transparent composite material shell, which can effectively adhere to the characteristics of the finger telescope.This allows this finger telescope to be used in various positions, including women and men’s pussy, penis and anus.You can adjust the length of your finger as required to achieve the maximum satisfaction.

3. Super tender panties

The material of this erotic underwear is very soft, which is very suitable for your skin.It is composed of lace and soft silk, which can comfortably stick your skin comfortably.There are many different styles of this sexy underwear, including briefs, mint panties, and belt -style underwear.These styles can be completely customized to meet personal requirements and show your figure.

4. Women’s chastity belt

Although this "ancient" toy failed to keep its traditional role, after innovation, the female chastity belt is still a popular sexy underwear.It can limit women’s sexual behavior and separate daily life and sex actions, which makes sexy underwear full of challenges and suspense.

5. Suction vibration stick

What women want to reach the climax. In this era of daddy, why not let go of all the restraints and try this demon -level suction cup vibration stick?Its advantages are its adjustable strength and various vibration methods.This sexy underwear can stimulate clitoris, anus and other sensitive locations, and guide women to enter the extreme situation.

6. palm -type toys

This palm -shaped toy like a suction cup vibration rod is the perfect combination of friction and vibration. Its curve and color are more like beautiful alternative piano, which is easy to hold and stimulate the level of the clitoris.The greatest passion.

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7. Invisible erotic sheet

I have to say that in the 21st century, there are more and more tools for women to reach the perfect state, including this invisible sexy underwear.This kind of sexy underwear is made of transparent materials, which allows you to feel the perfect nude state. At the same time, it brings you perfect self -confidence and courage, so that you have the most elegant and special dress on various occasions.

8. Simulation penis toy

Why can’t women enjoy the same pleasure as male and male roots?Simulation penis toys are the perfect solution to solve this problem.It is made of various materials and shapes, which can bring more profound and real pleasure to women, including stimuli, vibration, and so on.

This article provides readers with some innovative toys and sexy lingerie, which can challenge women’s bold and sexual fun.We call on women to pursue their sexual happiness and physical health with the help of these alternative toys and sexy underwear, and add glory to their emotional life.