Swimwear as a sexy underwear model to wear

Swimsuit sexy underwear

In summer, we often choose to swim in a swimsuit to the beach or swimming pool, and the swimwear can also be worn as a sexy underwear, showing a sexy and charming side.The following introduces the precautions and suitable occasions of swimwear sex underwear.

Focus on highlight the advantages of your body

The design of swimwear erotic underwear focuses on highlighting the advantages of the figure, such as slender legs, plump chests, etc. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate swimsuit sexy underwear according to your figure.For example, high waist bikini pants can lengthen the leg lines; the back design of the V -shaped shape can highlight the back and make the figure more perfect.

Considering the appropriateness and appropriateness

Swimming sexy underwear needs to be considered to be appropriate to avoid wearing in unsuitable occasions.If you just play with fun at home, you can choose sexy swimwear sex underwear to double the feeling; but if it is in public, it is best to match a piece of clothing or coat to wear it, which reflects sexy and dignified.

Color and style selection

The color and style choice of swimwear erotic underwear are also the key. Different colors and styles can show different charm.For example, black swimwear sex lingerie can make people look lower and mysterious; pink or fluorescent swimwear sexy underwear can make people look cute and lively.

Selection of accessories

The wearing of swimwear sex underwear needs to be matched with appropriate accessories, such as high heels, earrings, necklaces, etc. These accessories can appear more sexy and charming.However, pay attention not to be too public when matching, so as not to make people feel too much.

Detail design of swimwear sex underwear

The details of the sexy underwear of the swimsuit also need to be paid attention to, such as the stickiness of the chest stickers, the width of the shoulder strap, the details of the back, and so on.These details can affect the effect of wearing, so you need to choose carefully.


The wearing of swimwear erotic underwear needs to consider the problem of matching. Through the matching, the whole person can look more artistic and beautiful.Therefore, you need to choose clothing, hairstyle, makeup, etc. according to your style and characteristics.

Suitable for people of different ages to wear

Swimming sexy underwear is not only suitable for young women, but also for middle -aged women or mature women.Middle -aged women can choose high waist bikini pants to modify the waist’s fat; mature women can choose a V -shaped back design to show the lines of the back.

Well -known brand recommendation

At present, there are many well -known brands of swimwear sexy underwear, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and so on.These brands of swimwear sexy underwear are fashionable and sexy, and have a good dressing effect.But the price is generally high, not suitable for everyone to buy.

Pay attention to the maintenance of swimwear sex underwear

The maintenance of swimwear erotic underwear is also very important. You can use a special swimsuit detergent to clean it to avoid sun and rain or excessive rubbing.At the same time, you need to store the swimming clothing underwear in a dry and ventilated place to prevent mold from breeding.


As a new way of wearing swimwear, it allows women to show self -confidence and charm at the same time as sexy and charming.You can make yourself more perfect through the appropriate style, color, and accessories.But we also need to pay attention to the occasions and appropriateness of wearing to avoid being too public and losing their beauty.

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