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  • Sexy underwear with thong panties

    Sexy underwear with thong panties

    1. What is the panties? Through panties, as the name implies, are underwear like the word "Ding". After putting it on, the hips are exposed. There are various styles and styles. It is the most passionate and sexy type in sexy underwear. 2. The history of thong underwear 丁字内裤的历史可以追溯到20世纪60年代的巴西,在海滩上裸体晒日光浴的时候,一位设计师想到了一种女性内裤,能够遮盖私处,同时露出臀部与美腿,于是便有了丁字内裤Essence 3. Ten -panties style Different styles…