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Interest underwear is a special costume that can evoke sex and desires such as sexy, romantic, exciting, and enthusiasm.In this field, there is a special sexy underwear, known as "lure fire and sexy underwear". It is a super underwear that integrates elements of temptation, sexy, explicit, stimulus.Today, we will take you to the boutique "Tempting Fire Lonewear Awards" in this field, and listen to us one by one.


The bellyband is a popular style in sexy underwear, and it is also a type of sexy underwear.It uses a light, soft, and retractable fabric to connect the two sexy areas of the upper and lower parts. At the same time, there are a lot of deliberate naked skin, which greatly shows the sexy charm of women.


Lace is a very common fabric in sexy underwear, and it is also one of the commonly used materials for sexy underwear.Its light, transparent, soft, and detailed lace design allows wearers to obtain a high degree of sexy experience in terms of visual and touch.

Wedding style

Wedding style is a special product that integrates wedding dresses and sexual feelings.It uses light, transparent and beautiful fabrics to combine sexy elements and romance of weddings, making women more attractive and sexy on the wedding night.


Net eye styles are often used in making sexy underwear such as three and four o’clock. It is characterized by opening many small holes on the fabric, which constitutes a relatively unique visual effect.Net -eye underwear is usually thin, transparent, and tightly tight, showing a sexy and exciting effect through the body of the wearer.

Plush style

Plush style is a sexy underwear made of special plush fabrics. It is one of the popular products in the sexy lingerie series.The softness, closeness and sexy characteristics of plush underwear make it one of the star products in the winter sex underwear market.

Opening style

The opening style is a sexy underwear product that abandons traditional dresses.It uses tight and transparent materials in key areas such as chest, waist and hips, and has a opening in the crotch position.Wearing this erotic underwear can make your sexy and stimulus even higher.

Bondage style

The restraint style is a special type in the sexy lingerie series.It not only requires wearers to have high security and tolerance, but also requires a certain physical fitness and coordination.By wearing a bondage underwear, the body can be fully developed and experienced.


The vest style is a simple, lightweight, sexy, and practical sexy lingerie style.It is the same as ordinary vests, but the material is lighter, transparent, and bright, and it can be more fit and comfortable to wear on the body.Jiexieye underwear is often used in daily wear, family leisure, and fun experience.

Sailor suit style

Sailor clothing style is a special product that combines classical sailor elements with sexuality and sexy underwear.It uses light, comfortable and transparent fabrics and childlike sailor clothes color and patterns, so that wearers can get pleasure, excitement and enjoyment in both visual and touch.

Conclusion: There is always a fiery sexy underwear suitable for you

The above is the awards we brought to you. I believe that you have a clearer understanding of the types and characteristics of the fire -seduced sexy underwear.Whether you want to stimulate your personal desire or improve the quality of life and quality of life with your partner in the experience experience, there will always be a fiery and sexy lingerie suitable for you.

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