Vibration erotic underwear

Vibration erotic underwear

What is vibrating sexy underwear?

Vibration sexy underwear is a sexual product that can bring sexual stimulation. It has a built -in vibrator that can be controlled and adjusted by remote control or mobile phone APP.Some vibrating sexy underwear will be designed in particular, which can stimulate different body parts, such as G dots or clitoris.

Types of shaking sexy underwear

There are various types of vibrations of sexy underwear, mainly divided into three categories: hip vibration pants, vaginal vibration underwear and vagina, Gxun, and G -spot with vibration underwear.Different types are suitable for different people, so you need to pay attention to choice when buying.

How to choose a vibrating sexy underwear that suits you?

First of all, you need to consider your personal needs and physical conditions.If you like to stimulate the vagina or G -point, you can choose vagina and G points that have both vibration underwear.If you want to stimulate your hips, choose your hip vibration pants.It is also necessary to pay attention to the size and material of the purchase to ensure comfort and safety.

How to correctly use shaking sexy underwear?

The correct use of vibration erotic underwear can avoid unnecessary risks and discomfort.First of all, you need to fully understand the instruction manual, and pay attention to avoid scratching or damaging items. Secondly, you need to make simple cleaning and disinfection before use; finally master the usage method to maintain comfort and safety.


Pay attention to the following matters with vibration erotic underwear: Do not excessively vibrate to avoid damage to the body; do not wear it for a long time to avoid discomfort; pay attention to cleaning and disinfection before use;

The advantages of shaking sexy underwear

Vibrating sexy underwear can increase sexual pleasure and bring great fun to sexual life.And use joy, easy to operate, and have certain hiddenness.

Disadvantages of shaking sexy underwear

Vibrating sexy underwear requires continuous battery energy, and if the use time is too long, it may cause harm to the body.And some inappropriate methods may also have a negative impact.

Who is suitable for using vibrating sexy underwear?

It is suitable for people who use shaking sexy underwear to be different from gender, age, and sexual orientation.As long as people who seek more fun for sexual life can choose to use it.


Vibrating sexy underwear is an interesting sexy toy that can increase sexual pleasure, but you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene when using, choose the right model and size, and use it moderately to achieve a healthy sex life.


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