Wedding dress Chinese female sexy underwear video

Wedding dress Chinese female sexy underwear video


Wedding is one of the moments that every woman dreams of. The wedding dress contains the feeling of this special moment, but the fun underwear is equally important.Chinese women wear traditional wedding dresses. It is usually more complicated and gorgeous than Western wedding dresses, and requires suitable sexy underwear to match.In this article, we will introduce several important aspects of wedding Chinese female sexy underwear.

Color matching

For Chinese women’s wedding dresses, perfect color matching is very important.Ordinary white or ivory white wedding dresses and pink or beige sexy underwear will be matched with unique effects.If you want to show a calm and atmospheric temperament, you can choose the classic color matching black and red, but you need to pay attention not to be too gorgeous, so as not to make the entire makeup look tacky.Gold, silver and lilac are also good choices.

Wedding skirt

Choosing different sexy underwear for different wedding skirts is the most important, and it will have a great impact on beauty.A -line skirt can choose a thick -type sexy underwear of the hip line; if it is a long tail/fishtail skirt, you can choose a sexy and tightly arranged non -slip -type erotic underwear.


Most Chinese wedding dresses have the design of gauze wings. You need to pay attention to the appropriate sexy underwear to facilitate the fixing of the gauze wing and avoid the problem of gauze loosening on the day of the wedding.It is the best choice to use anti -slip material and naturally covering the body curve or close -up corset with anti -slip material.

Vest -type and unplugged corset

Wearing vests or pull -up corsets will also show a prominent back texture and body, which can be small to 5 cm.It is also the best choice for wearing suspended wedding dresses.They can make the chest shape look fuller, and they will not leave annoying traces of back buckle at the wedding.

The relationship between wedding skirt and sexy underwear

Wedding skirts are usually heavier, avoiding jittering effects when walking.In the face of this situation, we need to choose a free -texture underwear, such as the silky lace bellyband, or the soft and comfortable chest -wrapped sexy underwear.

Vest skirt and pencil skirt

For vest skirts and pencil skirts, we usually recommend choosing a shoulder -free and tight sexy underwear.For the vest skirt, you can choose a vest -style sexy underwear, which can not only show the beautiful curve of the skirt, but also make your shoulders look particularly fair.When choosing a pencil skirt, it is recommended to wear tight underwear. Be careful not to use a small underwear with a small code.

Bikini and stockings

Welcome to the wedding float team and the door of the guests, the use of bikini is more sexually moved, but you need to pay attention to the use of the appropriate size to ensure that the shape is perfect.Stockings can make the legs look longer and slim, but you need to choose breathable styles to ensure comfort.

High heel

High heels can not only highlight the body curve of women, but also make women look more elegant, especially on the day of the wedding.However, high heels also bring physical discomfort.Therefore, before choosing shoes, you need to confirm your feet and take it a few steps to avoid injuries on your feet on the wedding day.

Conclusion: Pay attention to the choice and match of sexy underwear

In short, choose the appropriate erotic underwear and the characteristics of the wedding dress. Only when you get comfortable support from the body can you wear your own perfect shape.At the same time, sexy underwear needs to be matched with shoes, and pay attention to the appropriate area of the body to better display the elegant temperament of Chinese women.

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