What are the materials of sexy underwear?

As a sexual cultural product, sexy underwear has brought more fun to people’s sexual life.Because of this, it is very important to choose a suitable set of sexy underwear.Among them, as one of the key factors, the material is also a question that people first need to understand and pay attention.From the perspective of material, this article will introduce the common materials of sexy underwear and their characteristics.

1. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber sexy underwear is generally made of polymers such as polyester, nylon, and Lycra.These materials have the characteristics of slender, smooth and flexible, and can fit the body curve well when wearing.In addition, these materials also have the advantages of strong toughness, difficulty deformation, and no wrinkles, which can ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear set, and have a long service life.

Second, cotton

Cotton -like sexy underwear is generally based on cotton, organic cotton and cotton -mixed textiles.These materials are humid and breathable, soft and comfortable, suitable for summer wear, and can also avoid the discomfort of sensitive skin.However, because the cotton material cannot guarantee the firming and elasticity of the set of underwear, it is generally not suitable to be worn in sex.

Third, silk category

Silk -like sexy underwear is mainly made of real silk.The real texture is soft and smooth, with good fit and antibacterial properties. It can create a sexy and elegant effect when wearing.However, because the cost of real silk is high and easy to be damaged by friction, and daily maintenance is relatively troublesome, it is less selected by the public.

Fourth, leather/PU class

Settings and PU -type sexy underwear suits are generally made of leather or artificial leather.These materials have good ductility and toughness. After wearing, they can create a sexy and charming effect well, suitable for wearing in special scenarios such as SM.However, because leather and PU materials are more irritating to the skin, people who are not suitable for allergic skin, and pay attention to health and safety when using.

Five, lace category

Lace’s fun underwear is the main material with lace fabric, which has a good touch and breathability.Lace materials can well highlight the beauty of women’s body lines, and it is also easy to match with other materials, creating a variety of dressing effects.However, because there are many lace components, for some sensitive people, it may not be suitable for long -term wear.

Six, beads/crystal

Beads/crystal -like sexy underwear suits are generally based on diamonds, crystal, pearls and other ornaments.These materials can create a noble and luxurious sense of enjoyment, and can play a good rendering role when used in sex scenes.However, beads and crystal materials are more fragile and are easily affected by friction and collision, so you need to be careful.

Seven, net eye category

Net eye -like sexy underwear is generally made of mesh and fish nets.These materials can highlight human lines well, and also provide sufficient ventilation and breathability, suitable for use in summer.Due to the strong perspective effect of mesh eyes, it has a good advantage in sexy rendering.

Eight, other classes

There are also some sexy lingerie sets made of special materials, such as feathers and plush.These materials can bring very rich sensory and texture experience, but at the same time, there are greater difficulty in daily maintenance and wearing comfort.Therefore, it is necessary to consider cautiously to choose the sexy lingerie of these materials.

By introducing the material of the sexy lingerie, this article provides you with a reference for choosing to choose to buy a sexy underwear.I hope that everyone can buy appropriate sets of underwear according to their needs and preferences.

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