What are the shops buying sexy underwear in Japan?

Japan is a country with a popular culture, and sex shops are all over the world.For consumers who want to buy sexy underwear, there are many benefits to choosing physical stores, because this can be directly tried to understand the materials, quality and cost -effectiveness.Next, I will introduce a shop in Japan to buy sexy underwear.

1. Don Quijote

Don Quijote is a large discount store that sells a variety of products.In addition to conventional daily necessities, kitchen supplies and stationery, it also sells products such as sexy underwear, adult toys.The shop is distributed in Tokyo and some other Japanese cities. The price is relatively cheap and suitable for consumers with sensitive price.

2. Akihabara adult shop

Akihabara adults are one of the most famous sex products shopping sites in Japan. The store has a variety of sex products, including various sexy underwear.The underwear here is rich and colorful, with high quality and more reasonable prices.In addition to underwear, consumers can also buy other adults here.

3. Ueno OKACHIMACHI’s Adult Shop Street

Ueno Roya Town Adult Products Store Street is one of the famous shopping areas in Tokyo. This street brings together a number of shops that mainly sell for adult products and sexy underwear.Don’t have a flavor here. It is a good place to understand Japanese sex culture, shopping and experience.


Takashima Department Store is one of the famous Japanese department stores, and multiple stores are all over the country.Its underwear counters sell for various brands of sexy underwear, with many styles.In Takashima House, consumers can enjoy first -class service and product quality, and buy experience comfort and joy.

5. LaForet harajuku

LAFORET Harajuku is a fashion -based shopping mall. The store has gathered a number of international and domestic high -end brands.In the underwear counter, consumers can buy creative and artistic sexy underwear.The price is relatively high, suitable for consumers with a sense of quality and fashion.

6. Nissen Online Store

Nissen Online Store is a online store -based shopping platform that sells a variety of products, including sexy underwear.In addition, Nissen also operates its own brand, with lingerie prices close to the people, suitable for consumers with price -sensitive consumers.

7. Marui department store

Marina Department Store is a Japanese local department store with a century -old history. Stores are distributed throughout the country.In the underwear counter, consumers can choose many sexy underwear with quality and design. The price is moderate and cost -effective.

8. Tokyo Kinky

Tokyo Kinky is an online store that specializes in selling sexy underwear and adult products in Japan. The platform has many brands, including imported brands and Japanese own brands.Consumers can choose a variety of fashionable and sexy sexy underwear here, as well as many creative and popular styles to choose from.

9. BIC Camera

BIC Camera is a well -known digital electrical chain in Japan. Other categories in the store are also very rich.At the underwear counter, consumers can choose sexy underwear with a price -friendly but high quality, which is cost -effective and suitable for a broader consumer group.

10. Shimamura

Shimamura is an affordable stool chain, with more than 1,000 stores all over the country.Although its sexy underwear is not the main product, consumers can buy very affordable but very good underwear styles here.The shopping environment is comfortable and suitable for Alipay shopping and hand accounts.

Viewpoint: Japan’s sexy underwear market is very rich and diverse, and has a very extensive consumer group.When choosing a sexy underwear, consumers should choose the appropriate shopping location according to their needs and preferences, combined with the characteristics of the store introduced above.Whether you want to pursue a higher sense of quality and fashion, or focusing on cost -effectiveness and benefits, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you in Japan.

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