What does a boyfriend think for you to buy you sexy underwear?

What does a boyfriend think for you to buy you sexy underwear?

Your boyfriend suddenly bought you a set of sexy sexy underwear. Your first reaction may be surprising, shy or confused.As an expert in sexy underwear, my task is to help you understand the idea behind your boyfriend to buy you sex underwear and give some suggestions.

Part 1: The motivation of boyfriend’s boyfriend

My boyfriend may have a lot of motivation for you to buy sexy underwear.The first may be because he wants you to put on these sexy underwear to increase interest and passion.The second may be that you hope you can enhance self -confidence, improve your self -esteem and feel good.Another situation is that he may be very fascinated by the sexy underwear, and I hope you can share his preferences.

Part 2: Your response

When your boyfriend buys you sex underwear, your reaction may be the key.If you can accept and put on these sexy underwear, it may make him feel very happy and satisfied.But if you feel shy, confused or uncomfortable, then you need to talk to your boyfriend and express your thoughts.

Part 3: The style of underwear

There are many different styles and styles of sexy underwear.Some underwear are very sexy, transparent or close, while others are relatively conservative.What style of sexy underwear you bought for you for you may affect your feelings.If your underwear makes you feel uncomfortable, you can try it out first and tell him your thoughts.

Part 4: Quality and Size

The quality and size of sexy underwear are also very important.Good quality underwear is comfortable and good, while underwear with suitable sizes can make you feel more confident.If your boyfriend gives you the quality or size of the sexy underwear, you need to discuss what style and size you should choose with him.

Part 5: Where is suitable

It is also a question to consider whether sexy underwear is suitable for occasions.Wearing sexy underwear is very suitable for some occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and other special days.But in other occasions, wearing erotic underwear may feel inappropriate or unsuitable.If your girlfriend has doubts about wearing sexy underwear, you need to communicate with him sincerely.

Part 6: How to match

Interest underwear is not a separate item, it needs to be matched with other clothing and accessories.If your boyfriend gives you the erotic underwear too much, you need to consider how to choose to match your clothes to make the whole look look more harmonious.Improper matching may also appear too sexy, leading to improperly dressed embarrassment.

Part 7: Your Feelings

The most important thing is your feelings.If you feel confident, beautiful and sexy when you wear sexy underwear, then you should firmly strengthen your choice.But if you feel shy, confused, or uncomfortable, then you have the right to express your thoughts.My boyfriend buys sexy underwear does not mean that you must wear it. After all, what you have to do is to make yourself feel good.

Part 8: Combine your view of love

Finally, we need to consider your view of love.If you and your boyfriend are a more open and free relationship, then wearing sexy underwear is acceptable.But if you are more conservative for this kind of thing, you need to consider your principles and bottom lines, and do not do what you don’t want to do.

Part 9: Suggestion

If you can readily accept your boyfriend’s gift and wear sexy underwear, you can try to increase interest and passion, which is good for emotional life.But pay attention to the occasion to avoid the embarrassment of not being worn.If you dare not wear sexy underwear, you can choose a more conservative or suitable style.

Part 10: Conclusion

My boyfriend is not a big deal for you to buy sexy underwear. This is just a way to express love.The important thing is that your own feelings and choices. Wearing erotic underwear cannot make you uncomfortable, nor can it exceed your principles and bottom lines.Before making decisions, you need to communicate with your boyfriend and understand his thoughts and motivations.

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