What does it mean to make three points of sex underwear?

1. Introduction: Fun underwear three -point introduction

There are many types of sexy underwear, which is dazzling and I don’t know how to choose.The three -point underwear is puzzling.So, what is a three -point sex underwear?

2. Composition: analysis of three -point film

The three-point feature of the sexy underwear consists of three small parts, namely bra, G-String, and collar. The bra and G-String are connected together by three thin bands, and the collar is connected to the bra from a thin band.

3. Origin: The history of three -point underwear

Three -point underwear originated in the ancient Greek period. At that time, women wrapped their bodies with wool or silk, and only the chest and genitals were exposed.With the evolution of the times, three -point underwear became more and more sexy and became the favorite of many women.

4. Function: The role of three -point underwear

The role of a three -point underwear is to stimulate the other party’s visual and sensory through the key parts of the body, increase the sex of the sexuality, and add a happiness to the life of the husband and wife.

5. Material: Common materials for three -point underwear

Common materials for three -point underwear are silk, lace, mesh, etc.These materials are soft and comfortable, and have good breathability, which is very suitable for summer.

6. Style: Various styles of three -point underwear

The style of three -point underwear is also diverse. There are pure colors, lace models, perspective models, etc. Each style has different styles and color choices, which can fully meet the needs of different women.

7. Match: The matching of three -point underwear and other clothing

The combination of three -point underwear and other clothing also needs to be particular.For example, with perspective long skirts, women can make women more sexy. With small waist seals, women can emphasize women’s figure curves.

8. Nursing: maintenance method of three -point underwear

Three -point underwear belongs to the underwear category, so maintenance is also important.It is recommended to wash it by hand. Do not use hot water to avoid destroying the fiber. At the same time, you can avoid deformation of three -point underwear.

9. Note: Taboo for wearing three -point underwear

When wearing three -point underwear, some women are prone to discomfort such as skin allergies.Therefore, it is recommended that women choose underwear with high brand credibility and use high -quality underwear when buying three -point underwear.

10. Conclusion: Suggestions for the use of three -point underwear

Overall, three -point underwear has great help in increasing interest, and after wearing it, it can better show women’s sexy beauty.However, when use, you still need to choose according to your physical condition to avoid harm to your body.

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