What is the name of sexy lingerie?

Inline of sexy underwear terminology

There are many terms of sexy underwear, which is very easy to confuse for novices.Let’s take a look at the common sexy lingerie term.


The cup refers to the mouth cup part of the bra. Generally, it is represented by letters A, B, C, D, etc., which represents different cups.Choosing a cup size that suits you can make the chest more comfortable and improve the comfort of wearing.


Bonding is a special type of erotic underwear. It will restrain the body through tools such as rope bands and strengthen sexual experience and stimulation.When using restraint underwear, you need to pay special attention to safety issues, and choose the material that suits you to avoid damage to the skin.

Open file

Open files generally refer to the design of the bottom pants, that is, the opening of the lower body is set to make it easy to perform.Open underwear is generally very sexy, suitable for wearing in special occasions, such as festivals and partys.


Lace is a common decorative method, which is usually used in the design of sexy underwear.Lace underwear is very sexy and feminine, which can enhance women’s charm and self -confidence.Choosing good quality and fine craftsmanship can effectively reduce allergies and immenseness.

Sexy belly

Sexy bellyband is a special sexy underwear, covering the lower chest and abdominal part, which can significantly highlight the body curve and improve the comfortable feeling of wearing, suitable for use in summer or intimacy with lover.

Chest sticker

The chest paste is a "bra" without a strap, which can be used for the combination of shoulder -free underwear, off -the -shoulder or open -frame underwear.The chest sticker can avoid the exposure of the shoulder strap and destroying the overall appearance, but you need to pay attention to avoid excessive use of compression or damage to the breast.

Milk sticker

The milk sticker is a kind of underwear without straps or chest stickers that cover the nipple part and close the body.Milk stickers can ensure that they do not wear bras when they do not wear bras. They are very suitable for low -cut matching, or wear them when they are exposed to their shoulders and backs in the summer.

Erotic socks

Interest socks are a kind of socks that are usually designed with special methods such as mesh, perspective and tattoos.The wearing of sex socks can make women more sexy and charming, and can be used with sexy underwear to achieve better results.


Pantanic socks are a kind of sexy underwear with panties and socks that can cover the lower body, and there are many types, such as all -inclusive, suspenders, and open crotch types.Pantanic socks have strong abilities in terms of sexy and teasing, suitable for use in sexual life.

Underwear suit

The underwear suit is a overall match containing a variety of sexy underwear, such as bra, bottom pants, suspenders, etc.Underwear suits can allow women to buy a variety of sexy underwear at one time, and can be flexibly used, bringing more diverse choices to the wearers.


There are many types of sexy underwear, which is an extremely attractive choice for women who like to try.When buying and wearing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the considerations of materials, design and safety, and choose a size suitable for ourselves to achieve better results.Only in this way can we better enjoy the fun and pleasure that erotic underwear brings to us.

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