What is the sexy underwear of the hotel?

Hotel sex lingerie overview

Hotel sex lingerie usually refers to a fashionable and sexy underwear equipped in the guest room.This underwear is usually feminine as the main object, emphasizing sexy, gender hints and unique designs.The hotel’s sex lingerie is provided for customers, and its material and workmanship should be more advanced than ordinary sexy underwear.

Color design

The color of hotel sex lingerie is usually very bright, such as red, pink, black and so on.These colors can create a sexy and romantic atmosphere, allowing guests to feel a romantic atmosphere in vacation or travel.

Fabric texture

Hotels in hotels usually use high -end fabrics, such as silk and lace.These fabrics have a soft touch and high gloss, which can highlight the advantages of women’s figure and make the guest experience more comfortable.


The style of hotel sex lingerie is usually very diverse, such as three -point, hollow, tight, lace lace type, etc.These styles are not only fashionable, but they can often create a tempting image for female customers.


The size of the hotel’s sexy lingerie is usually in line with the needs of female customers. Different sizes of underwear with sufficient sources of supply, so that female customers can freely choose the most suitable size and wear the most sexy effects.

Brand selection

In terms of hotel erotic lingerie brand selection, it is often distinguished according to the grade and taste of the guests.For example, the sexy lingerie brand of luxury hotels will be relatively high -end, while economical hotels are mainly well -known sexy underwear brands.

Cleaning method

The cleaning method of hotel sex lingerie is also very important. Generally, professional cleaning and maintenance should be made. Before use, comprehensive disinfection and cleaning should be performed to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the underwear.

Storage management

The hotel’s sex underwear needs to be well managed in storage, and the underwear needs to avoid the influence of the underwear from being humid, sunlight, and incarnation, so as not to affect the life life of the underwear and the experience of the guests.

market expectation

Hot underwear is a special underwear category. The market sales prospect of this product is worthy of attention.The increase in sexy underwear services for major hotels is to provide customers with better services, which also provides opportunities for the promotion and market share of some sexy lingerie brands.


Although the hotel’s sexy underwear is only a small service, it can leave a deep impression on the travel of the guests, bringing a surprise and touch to the fatigue on the journey.At the same time, the hotel’s sexy underwear is exquisite, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and market prospects. It deserves more attention.

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