What is the strap of sexy underwear?

What is a sexy underwear strap?

Interest underwear and socks, also known as hanging straps, are very sexy female underwear styles.It is a belt that is bundled on the waist that is used to connect socks, so as to keep the socks tightening in the legs.It can enhance the charm of women and keep you sexy on any occasion.However, not every woman can do.

How to choose the right sexy underwear strap?

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear and socks can make you more convenient when undressing and prevent it from loosening halfway.When selecting sexy underwear and socks, you need to consider the following points:

Whether the size is appropriate: the socks must be fitted together. If it is too tight, it will draw a trace. If it is too loose, it will cause the socks to be unstable.

Whether the style is suitable for your waist: there are different styles to choose from, and different styles are suitable for different body types.

Whether the texture is comfortable: Choose a soft, breathable, comfortable material to avoid excessive tightness and stroke.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear straps?

The skills of wearing sexy underwear and socks require a certain skill, and the way of wearing without skills will make you feel uncomfortable or loose.The following is the correct dressing step:

Roll the socks up to the center of the thigh, and then buckle the hook ring of the strap.

Drop the socks to the center of the leg, and then tie the belt on the upper waist.

Pay attention to whether the socks are straight. If it is not straight, you need to adjust the direction of the socks and re -deduct.

What are the causes of lace lace?

Ladies are usually caused by the following reasons:

The socks are too loose to tighten the band.

The socks are not appropriate, you need to replace the appropriate size socks.

The band buckle is failed, and it needs to be checked and replaced.

If the failure is caused by the damage of the socks, the socks can be replaced directly.

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear and socks

The maintenance and cleaning of erotic underwear and socks is very important. Correct maintenance and cleaning can ensure the service life and cleanliness of socks and socks.The following is the correct maintenance and cleaning steps:

Use warm water and soap to gently scrub the socks and straps, and then use a clean towel to shoot the two.

Dry the socks flat and keep it flat.

When you do not use sexy underwear and socks, put it in a cool and dry place to avoid sunlight and high temperature environment.

How to overcome the fear of sexy underwear and socks?

Some women may feel shy, nervous, uncomfortable or fearful. The process of sexual lingerie and socks increases their sense of insecurity.The following is a suggestion to overcome fear:

Practice: Try to practice wearing socks in private places to enhance self -confidence.

Choose the right style: Choose your favorite and suitable style, you can increase the self -confidence of wearing straps.

Combat experience with partners: In the common experience with your partner, enhance the fun of wearing strap.

Precautions for sexy underwear and socks

Pay attention to the following matters when wearing sexy underwear and socks:

Avoid wearing for a long time, rest as much as possible to relax your muscles.

Choose the material that matches your skin to avoid causing allergies and discomfort.

Avoid collision items and avoid damage or deformation of straps and socks.

The matching skills of sexy underwear strap

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the matching with clothing.Here are effective matching skills:

Match with short skirts: Wearing sexy underwear and socks under the skirt can increase the sexy feeling and increase the overall effect of the appearance.

Match with high heels: The matching of sexy underwear and socks and high heels can increase the height of women and make the leg lines more beautiful.


Choosing the right sexy underwear and socks can increase your sexy style. You need to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning when you wear it to achieve a longer service life.When you master the correct wear skills and related matching skills, you will feel more confident and beautiful.

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