What should I do if I am disgusted with sexy underwear?

What should I do if I am disgusted with sexy underwear?

Introduce sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can improve the taste and quality of life between husband and wife.Some sexy lingerie styles are gorgeous and high -end using the material, which can bring strong visual stimulation and physical feelings.At present, there are more and more sexy underwear in the market, and the style is becoming more and more diverse.

The benefits of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can increase the taste and physical perception between husband and wife, bringing different sexual experiences.They can not only increase sexual needs and abilities, but also enhance emotion and intimacy, and enhance the relationship between partners.

Where does the dislike of wearing a sex lingerie come from?

Some people feel disgusted when wearing fun underwear, mainly because they are shy and unconfident in their bodies.Some people may feel that sexy underwear is too exposed and sexy, and is not suitable for wearing in public.

Focus on self -confidence

If you feel unconfident about your body, you can wear some sexy underwear suitable for your body and temperament to increase self -confidence and charm.Proper exercise and healthy lifestyles also help shape the perfect figure.

Suitable occasion

Properly wearing erotic underwear can add the taste and intimacy of husband and wife, but not all occasions are suitable for wearing sexy underwear.For public occasions, appropriate clothing should be selected to avoid discomfort and inappropriate impression.

Choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

For people who are disgusted with sexy underwear, you can choose some gentle and less exposed sexy lingerie styles.For example, simple bras, lace -edged underwear, etc., can add sexy effects without making people feel too exposed.

Discuss with your partner and try alternative choices

Many people feel disgusted about wearing erotic underwear, and may be that their understanding of sex life is too narrow.Trying alternative activities with partners in sexual life, such as role -playing or massaging each other, is also an effective way to enhance feelings and close interaction.Try novel gadgets help eliminate the dislike of sexy underwear.

Eliminate psychological barrier

Some people will have a psychological barrier when wearing sexy underwear, mainly a cognitive model of sexual life and gender characters.It is recommended to think and learn more to understand the pornographic culture in healthy adults.From the perspective of science, you can understand sex, change the understanding of sexy underwear and sex life, and let go of psychological barriers.

Listen to your inner voice

Whether or not you can accept sex underwear, the most important thing is to listen to your inner voice and respect your feelings.You don’t need to deliberately pursue sexy or glittering, you should experience love and sex under natural and comfortable state.


Interesting underwear is a costume that can enhance the intimacy and fun between husband and wife. Although not everyone can accept it, trying to wear sexy underwear on the premise of voluntary two sides can bring new vitality and fun to sexual life.If you feel disgusted with sexy underwear, you can adjust your cognition and psychological state appropriately, communicate and try with your partner, and find a sexual lifestyle that suits you.

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