What should I do if I have no breast underwear?

What should I do if I have no breast underwear?

In the market, there are a variety of sexy lingerie styles, each with its own characteristics and usefulness.Among them, some sexy lingerie styles are committed to highlighting women’s breasts, but if some women do not have plump breasts, how can they wear sexy effects?This article will introduce some methods so that women without chest can also exude sexy and charming charm in sexy underwear.

1. Choose lace underwear

Lace underwear has a certain modification effect, and its material and design can often weaken the defects of the chest, thereby achieving a certain beautification effect.For example, when you choose lace underwear with lace, beads and details, you can attract attention such as lace and tedious embellishment on the chest, so as to transfer your attention to the exquisite details instead of the defects of the chest.

2. Select underwear with pads

The common pad design in underwear can make women without full chest wear a plump effect on their chests, especially when choosing thin underwear without cups, the design of the pad is very important.Of course, when choosing a pad underwear, you need to pay attention not to be too thick and too large, too obvious, which will make people look fake and create sexy beauty everywhere.

3. Choose underwear with low -cut design

Low -cut underwear can often dig a certain charm.For women without breasts, the underwear design can make up for the shortcomings of a part of the chest and show sexy potential.Low -cut underwear is very suitable for women who want to wear sexy, but be careful not to wear too much exaggeration, try to focus on nature and charm.

4. Choose underwear with a pair of milk

For those women who are not plump enough but open their thorax, underwear with parallel milk can make the chest look more concentrated and plump.Choosing the right pairing of a pair of milk can not only make the chest tight and god, but also can make the curve lines of the chest more smooth and natural, while showing the sexy and charming qualities.

5. Master the chest accessories

There are many different chest accessories that can remedy the defects of women without breasts.For example, brooches, pendants, necklaces and other accessories can often attract the attention of others and make people ignore the defects of their chest.Of course, pay attention here, choosing the right accessories is also very important to shape the appearance. For example, choosing a bright color and unique shape, coordinated with your own clothing can play the greatest effect.

6. Choose dark underwear

Dark underwear is very suitable for women with insufficient breasts, such as black, purple and other dark colors that emphasize insufficient insufficiency, which can make their chest look fuller and show sexy and charming traits.The bright colors and light -colored underwear can easily show the defects of the chest, so it is not the best choice.

7. Choose underwear with folds and curls

The design with folds and curls is also one of the techniques that make women look more plump.Details such as folds, curls, and lotus edges will make the chest curve softer, shape the perfect beautiful curve, and make women without chest look very sexy and charming.

8. Try homemade pads

If you can’t find a suitable pad underwear, if you make a self -made pad?You can use any soft cotton material, such as cotton pads, satin, etc., tailoring it into underwear, which can better expand the raised area of the chest and make it look fuller.Similarly, you need to pay attention to choosing a moderate size. Do not choose too obvious materials, otherwise it will appear unnatural.

9. Enhance back exercise

While wearing sexy underwear, the smooth curve of the back is equally important.Therefore, strengthening the back exercise, the slender and strong back curve will make women look more beautiful, and can better set off the full charm of the chest.

10. Bra

This is a simple and fast and easy to implement. It can be adjusted to the downward movement, and then the back is fixed to the back of the back to achieve the effect of fully displaying the chest.But it should be noted that this is only suitable for chest defects with concentrated chests.

In short, no chest is one of the physical conditions of each woman, but it should not be the obstacle to blocking us from wearing sexual erotic lingerie, because as long as they understand some tips, each woman has the opportunity to exude their own charming charm!

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