What to do with the security underwear through the security underwear


Sexy underwear is a sexy underwear, but many people will encounter security checks when they are flying or entering some places. So how to bring sex underwear to security check?The following will introduce several methods.

Method 1: Contact airline or place in advance

If you need to wear sexy underwear on the plane, you can contact the airline in advance to understand their requirements for sexy underwear.If you need to enter some places, you can also contact the person in charge of the place in advance, ask them about the requirements of sexy underwear, and prepare the corresponding certification documents.

Method 2: Perform regular underwear over security checks

If you are uncertain whether the sexy underwear can pass the security check, you can choose to wear a conventional underwear to pass the security check, and then change the sexy underwear after the security check.

Method 3: Put the sexy underwear in the suitcase

Interest underwear, like other underwear, can be placed in a suitcase.However, it should be noted that the suitcase and handbag need to perform security inspection, so you need to put the sexy underwear in the suitcase instead of carrying it with you.

Method 4: Put sexy underwear in checked baggage

If you don’t want to put sexy underwear in a suitcase, you can consider putting it in your checked luggage.This can avoid unnecessary embarrassment during security checks.

Method 5: Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing suitable sexy underwear can reduce the risk of being stopped during security checks.First of all, do not choose too complicated sexy underwear, it is best to choose simple styles.Secondly, do not choose sexy underwear with metal accessories, because metal accessories will trigger security equipment.

Method 6: Carrying certification files

If you need to wear a sexy underwear or enter some places, you can carry related certification files, such as purchasing vouchers or related certification documents provided by merchants.This can provide necessary explanations during security checks and reduce unnecessary trouble.

Method 7: Choose unsteady sexy underwear

If you need to travel with sexy underwear, you can choose not a set of sexy underwear instead of the whole set.This can avoid unnecessary trouble during security checks.

Method 8: Avoid too much fun underwear

When traveling, minimize too much erotic underwear.In addition to increasing the risk of security inspection, it will also occupy too much luggage space.

Method 9: Pay attention to the material of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to its material.Do not choose materials that are too conspicuous or easily cause security machines, such as metal wire and silver fiber.

Method 10: Keep calm and polite

Whether in security inspection or in the place, you need to keep calm and polite.If you are asked to take off your sexy underwear for inspection and scanning, don’t panic or angry.The security personnel follow the procedures, and they are just performing their duties.


Passing a security underwear through security may cause unnecessary embarrassment and trouble, but by choosing the right sexy underwear and taking some tips, it can reduce the risks.In the face of security checks, maintaining calmness and politeness is the most important, and we must also understand and respect the work of security inspection personnel.I hope the above method can help everyone.

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