Where is Binyang Fairy Underwear Factory?

Binyang Swing Underwear Factory -Finding the Production Base

Binyang Fun Underwear Factory is a manufacturer of professional manufacturing and sales of sexy underwear.If you want to find their manufacturing base, the following are some tips where you can find them.

Find the clues of the Binyang Infusion Underwear Factory

If you plan to find the location of Binyang’s Infusion Underwear Factory, the best way is to search their official website online.You can also find clues to sell their erotic underwear through online stores. Some of them will list the geographical location and contact information of the manufacturing base of Binyang sex underwear.

So where is Binyang Fun Underwear Factory?

The Binyang Fun Underwear Factory is located in Shali Village, Lily Town, Binyang County, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. The geographical location is very convenient.It is located in Binyang County, north of the north of the center of Nanning, which is convenient.

How to reach Binyang’s Wet Underwear Factory?

If you want to go to the Binyang Interesting Underwear in person, it is best to take public transportation, such as buses or trains.After arriving at Binyang from Nanning, taking bus 10, 12, 22, 29, 32, 33, 33, then rent a car or hire a car to go to the Binyang Interest Underwear Factory.In addition, you can also choose a chartered car or drive yourself.

The history of Binyang Fun Underwear Factory

Binyang Fairy Underwear Factory was established in 1998. It is a company that has been focusing on production and sales of sexy underwear for a long time. They have been trusted and loved by customers with high -quality clothing and amazing design.At the beginning, the company was engaged in traditional underwear business. With the changes in market demand, they gradually transformed into sexy underwear, becoming one of the leaders of Guangxi and even the national sex lingerie industry.

The product types of Binyang Fun Underwear Factory

Binyang Fun Underwear Factory offers various types of sexy underwear, such as robes, sexy bra, underwear, stockings, sexual clothes, corset, sex women’s clothing and men’s clothing.They also provide some special services, such as providing customers with custom size to meet the personality needs of different people.

The characteristics of Binyang Fun Underwear Factory

Binyang Fun Underwear Factory has focused on the production of sexy underwear for 20 years, and their products have high -quality production and special design styles.While maintaining high quality, their products are reasonable, so that more people can enjoy high -quality sexy underwear.

Binyang Fun Underwear Factory’s purchase suggestion

When buying sexy underwear, the best suggestion is to buy your favorite style and size to ensure that the product is high -quality.When buying, you should also check it slightly to ensure that the underwear has no errors and damage.Finally, it is best to choose a real professional and reputable brand.


How to find the location of Binyang Fun Underwear Factory is no longer a problem. Through the information provided above, you can easily provide guidance for finding Binyang Fun underwear factory.Please also remember to carefully check the information of the shopping channel and choose a regular process in order to buy good quality and sexy underwear products.

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