Where should I go to buy sexy underwear?

Funeral underwear market overview

With the opening of people’s ideas, the sexy underwear market has gradually emerged.From the traditional red light district to today’s online platform, sexy underwear is no longer a taboo topic.Therefore, in terms of purchase location, market demand is an important consideration.At present, the supplier of sexy underwear mainly includes factories, wholesale markets, agents and e -commerce platforms.

Purchase channel 1: Factory

As the main body of the initial production and sales of sexy underwear, the factory sells directly to dealers.The advantage of choosing factory purchase is that both quality and price are guaranteed, and it can directly negotiate with the factory to improve product quality.But the disadvantage is also obvious: the batch must be large, and the period of goods may be relatively long.

Purchase channel 2: Wholesale Market

The wholesale market is a traditional business place, and now there are many professional sex products markets on the market.Compared with the factory, there are more choices in the wholesale market.Suppliers are usually exhibited here, and dealers can choose a variety of models here to meet customer needs.However, the quality of suppliers in the wholesale market is uneven and need to be screened.

Purchase channel three: agent

As an middleman of the brand manufacturer, the agent has better production and supply chain management.However, as agents need to obtain brand authorization, the sales price will also increase accordingly.

Purchase channel 4: e -commerce platform

E -commerce platform, as a new sales channel, is famous for its rich product types, affordable prices, and more convenient shopping.Dealers can buy a lot of sexy underwear on the e -commerce platform. This method is particularly suitable for new merchants who have just begun to enter this field. Its shortcomings are that they cannot taste the real offline market needs.

How to choose the purchase channel

When choosing the purchase channel, you need to consider your actual situation and the consumer market share.If you are a new merchant who just joined the industry, it is recommended to choose an e -commerce platform to buy sexy underwear.If you have certain funds and sales channels, you can choose to wholesale markets and agents to purchase.If you have enough demand and sufficient cost budget, choose the factory for customization.

Pay attention to the matter

First of all, you need to understand the types, styles, and fabrics of sexy underwear on the market to meet the needs of consumers.Secondly, we must carefully verify the supplier’s documents, such as business licenses and tax registration certificates.Finally, the appropriate quantity is needed to prevent excess stock.

Control of purchase volume

When purchasing for the first time, you can consider the appropriate amount to prevent the backlog of the goods.In practice, you can first count the sales volume in previous months, and then predict the sales volume after the prediction, and then control the purchase volume.At the same time, it is necessary to understand the preferences of consumers and the trend of the market.

Consideration of the purchase price

During the purchase process, the price is a very critical issue.Facing the offer of the supplier, a multi -faceted and reasonable agreement requires a preferential price.If the store increases to a certain degree, it can achieve subtle competition by focusing on multiple levels such as local, services, funds.

Compare advantages and disadvantages, choose the appropriate purchase channel

The advantages and disadvantages of different platforms are uneven.According to their own needs and capital capabilities, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, and finally choose the most suitable purchase channel.

The credibility evaluation of the buyer supplier

After selecting the purchase channel, the supplier needs to be screened.Evaluation of manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, or e -commerce platforms can be heard through the exchange of networks and competitive brands.This is the guarantee of the quality and business reputation of purchase.


When choosing a purchase channel, merchants need to know enough about the types, styles and fabrics of sexy underwear in the market.The purchase channels and suppliers with high credibility need to be screened.Finally, when market demand changes, it is necessary to flexibly grasp market changes and renew the interdependence cycle that meets market demand.

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