Which hand is better to wear in sex lingerie rope?


Which hand is better to wear in sex lingerie?This is a controversial topic.Some people like to use their left hand, and some people like to use their right hands.So what is the correct answer?Is the left hand or right hand?In this article, we will answer this question for you.

The problem of left -handed and right -handed

First of all, we need to understand an important fact, that is, people’s brains have left and right hemispheres, which also means that people have left -handed and right -handed divisions.The difference between the left -handed and right -handed people is that the left -handed brain is mainly in charge of the right hand, while the right -hander is the opposite.

The advantages of the left hand rope

So why do some people like to wear ropes with their left hand?For some left -handers, the left hand is more flexible, it is easier to wear a rope with the left hand, and it can better control the rope of sexy underwear.In addition, using the left hand to wear ropes can also exercise the flexibility and coordination of the left hand.

The advantages of the right hand rope

On the contrary, some people like to wear ropes with right -handed.For right -handed, their right hand is more flexible and can better control the rope of sexy underwear.


In addition to the flexibility of the left and right hands, we also need to pay attention to the synergy of the hand.Regardless of the use of the left hand or the right hand to wear a rope, it needs to be completed with the assistance of the other hand.Therefore, while using your own hands, you should use the assistance of another hand to improve the efficiency of wearing rope.

Actual use

In actual use, we also need to consider the effects of individual differences and habits.Some people are born with left -handed people and are used to using the left hand; while some people are born with right -handed, used to using the right hand.Therefore, the correct choice is to choose according to your actual situation and habits.

Method of using both hands

If you find that you are not able to control your two hands at the same time, then you can try to wear ropes with both hands.This can ensure that in the process of wearing a rope, both hands can coordinate with each other and improve efficiency.

Comparison of left -handed and right -handed

Sum-up, the left hand and the right hand are not much different. The key lies in your habits and the flexibility of use.Most people are used to using their own usual hands to wear ropes, but in different cases, they can also try to use another hand or hands to improve efficiency.

in conclusion

Which hand is better to wear in sex lingerie?The answer is: depending on your habits and flexibility.Whether it is left or right, or both hands, it has its applicable scenes and uses.Choosing your own habit to wear rope, and strengthening the coordination of another hand is the best choice.

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