Will men buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends?

Men’s embarrassing purchase experience

Many men will feel that they are very embarrassing to buy sex and love underwear for their girlfriends, and it is difficult to have the courage to try.After all, pink lace cups are not familiar to most men.

Girls look forward to gifts

However, women have great expectations for sexy underwear.As a way to show his sexy and charm, sexy underwear can make women more confident and comfortable in intimate relationships.Therefore, a sexy sexy underwear can be a good gift.

Sex underwear brand recommendation

If you want to choose a special sexy underwear for your girlfriend, some brands should not be missed.For example, Victoria’s Secret, Korean brand Jelly Kiss, Swiss brand Wolford, and European and American brand Coco de MER.These brands have won the love of many women with their diverse design, high -quality fabrics and unique tailoring.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the size

In addition to the brand, the size is also a question that a man needs to pay attention to.The size of the sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, and the size of different brands is different.Therefore, it is very important to ask your girlfriend’s size, otherwise the sexy underwear you buy may not be able to wear it, and even the beautiful underwear will look boring.

Know your girlfriend’s taste

In addition to brands and sizes, you also need to know the styles and colors that your girlfriend likes.If your girlfriend has always been a sexy type, a see -through lace or silk underwear is a good choice.If she is more interested in fresh and cute style, you can choose a set of sexy underwear.

Investigation should be conducted before buying

If you are not familiar with your girlfriend’s preferences, you may wish to conduct some investigations before buying.Grasp her thoughts and expectations through the style, taste, taste and hints in daily communication through my girlfriend.

Suggest to buy together

If you still feel not confident enough, bring your girlfriend to the store to buy together.This not only allows girlfriends to choose satisfactory sexy underwear, but also increases intimacy, trust and communication.

Don’t over -interpret

If your girlfriend does not accept your sexy lingerie gift, don’t interpret it too much.Sexy underwear is indeed a more personal gift, not all women like this form of gifts.Maybe you can choose other forms of gifts to show your love and care.

Conclusion: Try bravely

In the end, men should not be shy.Buying fun underwear for girlfriends is not only a way to show your love and concern for her, but also an opportunity to increase the intimacy and trust in the relationship between the two.Try this experience, you will be surprised to find that it has a positive impact on your close relationship.

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