Comic girl wearing sexy underwear


Kimonos, uniforms, swimwear, the heroines of the heroines in Japanese comics have their own style.In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more common.Especially in the plots involving love, intimate contact, and sex, the heroine wearing sex underwear has a very frequent frequency.So, what are the characteristics of comic girls wearing sexy underwear?This article will be discussed from several aspects.

High body curve

The sexy underwear models in the comics are all dressed and beautiful, and it highlights the sexy charm of the underwear.And these distinctive characters have attracted many male readers into the storyline of comics.It’s just that in real life, women’s figures are very different. If you want to wear sexy underwear sexy, you should also pay more attention to the smoothness of dressing with the figure.

Show self -confidence and independence

The sexy underwear girls in the comics often show a confident and independent personality.They will not feel uneasy because of the eyes of others, nor will they change themselves because of the evaluation of others.Wearing sexy underwear, they are more relaxed and exudes different charm.This also inspires people to some extent, not to be bound by reality of various restrictions, and to maintain self -confidence and show themselves.

Color brightly full of temptation

The color of sexy underwear is diverse, from warm pink to light purple, from elegant black, white to high -end gold, silver, all convey different emotions, which are very challenging and tempting.For different purposes, some comic characters will wear different styles of sexy underwear, which shows the charm of body and mind.Therefore, in real life, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you should also take into account elements such as color selection and occasions.

Extraordinary sexy charm

The sexy degree of sexy underwear is one of the important reasons for comic girls to suck powder.In the comics, sexy underwear often uses various design elements in appearance to highlight sexy charm, such as lace lace and leather material.In terms of appearance and sense of dressing, there are also obvious differences between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear. The fabrics used are more styling, and the support effect is poor, which emphasizes sexy feelings.Of course, in real life, it is also very important to choose a suitable and comfortable sexy underwear.

Falling underwear imagination space

The image of the comic characters wearing a fun underwear is more of a cultural imagination.As a special underwear style, sexy underwear is not suitable for daily life.Therefore, the plot in the comic works is more released for the emotional open state of reality.The nature of this imagination space makes the personality image of sexy underwear and characters get closer, and becomes an expressive element of more comic themes.

The conversion of sexy underwear and character relationship

In comics, sexy underwear often plays a special conversion role.A sexy temperament that ordinary girls put on sexy underwear also gave her a different character incarnation.Like the female emperor Boyetin in "One Piece", after wearing a sexy underwear, he showed a strong will to rule, which was impressed by people.Therefore, sexy underwear has also become one of the important elements of role -shaping changes in comics.

The perception of sexy underwear and male readers

Although women are mostly users of sexy underwear, for men, sexy underwear is more an appreciation and enjoyment experience.In Japan, male readers quietly gave the interesting underwear in the comics to the significance of victory, thinking that it is a fashionable, sexy, and beautiful incarnation.Therefore, the identity of sexy underwear in the comics proves its special significance of being unique and taste.

The open attitude of sexy underwear

The comic girls have neither vulgarity nor vulgar eyes in the scenes of the comic girls wearing sexy underwear, but they are peaceful and open without losing their dignity.For some different gender, identity, and so on, sexy underwear reveals a respectful and generous attitude.In real life, a woman who understands the difference between wearing and exposed can fully reflect the unique charm of women when wearing sexy underwear, and better show the value of women.


In the comics, sexy underwear plays an indispensable role in the comics, bringing a variety of expressions such as beauty, sexy, and charm.In real life, the sexy underwear must also consider multiple elements such as personal figure, temperament and occasion, highlighting their sexy charm, and showing a more different self!

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