Falling a sexy underwear will drop

Falling a sexy underwear will drop

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is designed to increase gender attraction, increase self -confidence, and enhance sexual experience.However, many people reported that in the process of implementation, sexy underwear was always removed, so it lost the original effect of clothing.The problem of falling on the sexy underwear is not only frustrated, but also delay some important moments.

2. Materials and design

One of the main reasons for the problem of sexy underwear is the material and design.Some cheap erotic underwear tend to use thin and soft materials, such as silk, lace and slim steel wires. These materials are easy to tear in activities.In addition, some fun underwear design is simpler, or too complicated leading to resistance when taking off underwear.

3. Size and suitable degree

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The size and moderate degree are also another reason why the sexy underwear dropped as soon as it was cut.If the underwear is too small, it will cause discomfort and even suffocating, and the too large underwear may slip.Suitable should be close to the body, but still maintains breathability and flexibility.

4. Improved design

In order to prevent the problem of falling off in sex underwear, many manufacturers have changed their materials and design.Choose a thicker, stronger but soft material, and suture underwear with better threads to make underwear more durable.In addition, the design of many sexy underwear has also been improved to more closely fits the female body, but still maintains breathability and excellent comfort.

5. Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your body is also the key to avoiding sex underwear.It is strongly recommended that you measure your size first, ensure the selected underwear fit, and highlight your body outline and improve your breathability.

6. Safety precautions

When using sexy underwear, safety precautions should be put first.If the underwear is tightly bound, it may cause dyspnea and suffocation. If the restraint is overly loose, the underwear may slip, and it may also affect safety.In addition, do not use when sexy underwear is too intense, otherwise it will affect physical health.

7. Maintain the service life of sexy underwear

When you buy sexy underwear, you also need to learn how to maintain them correctly.When cleaning sex underwear, you should follow the method of cautiousness of heat and softness.It is very important to maintain the softness and breathability of sexy underwear to ensure long -term use.If the erotic underwear is damaged, do not wear it and replace it in time.

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8. Summary

Sex underwear can be improved in sexual experience, but if you don’t pay attention to choice and use, it may also become an obstacle.Avoid falling off the sexy underwear, you should choose the right underwear, and maintain the balance of factors such as materials, suitable, design, and safety.In addition, maintaining the breathability and softness of sexy underwear is also an important factor to ensure their long -term use. If the sexy underwear is damaged, replace it in time.