Founding factory sexy underwear

Founding factory sexy underwear

Funding underwear is currently a very popular product on the market. It is not only popular in China, but also popular abroad.So, what is foundry sex underwear?How is it different from ordinary erotic underwear?This article will introduce you in detail the relevant knowledge of the foundry of the foundry factory, helping you to better understand the sexy underwear of the factories.

What is a foundry erotic underwear?

The founding factories of foundries refer to the sexy underwear produced by the foundry. The difference from the ordinary sex lingerie is that the sexy underwear produced by the foundries is mostly designed by large brands or well -known brands. It is produced strictly in accordance with the requirements of the brand’s requirements. The quality is relatively more quality.Stable and reliable.

Characteristics of foundries sexy underwear

The biggest feature of the founding factories’ sexy underwear is that the quality is reliable, because these products have been screened and reviewed by the brand, and are produced by professional manufacturers, so the quality is also more reliable.In addition, the design of the founding factories in factories is more in line with market demand and fashion trend, and has a sense of fashion and sexy.

Classification of founding factories sexy underwear

French factories can be divided into multiple types, such as::

1. Sexual and Emotional Innerwear: such as suspenders, sexy underwear suits, sexy bellybands, etc.;

2. Perspective erotic underwear: such as lace perspective underwear, mesh see -through underwear, etc.;

3. Adult sexy underwear: such as uniform sex lingerie, SM sex lingerie, etc.

The production process of founding factories sex underwear

The production process of the sexy underwear of foundries is relatively complicated, and it is necessary to go through multiple processes, including design, procurement, quality inspection, production and other links.The following is the specific production process:

1. Design link: The company’s designers are designed according to market demand and fashion trends to determine elements such as styles, colors, fabrics.

2. Procurement link: The company needs to purchase raw materials such as fabrics, accessories, decorations, etc., and the purchased materials must meet the specifications of the brand.

3. Quality inspection session: detect and screen all kinds of raw materials purchased, and the filtering materials are handed over to the production department to produce.

4. Production session: hand over the screened materials to workers for production, including board houses, cutting, sewing and other links.

5. Quality testing link: The quality test of the finished product, the products that meet the quality requirements are handed over to the brand’s audit.

6. Packaging link: Packing and packaging the audited products, and then transport the factory.

The market prospects of the sexy underwear of foundries

The prospects of the sexy underwear market of foundries are very broad. At present, my country’s sexual cultural development is mature, and the demand for the market for sex underwear has gradually increased.For merchants who operate the sexy underwear of foundries, in -depth understanding of the market, consumer needs, and formulating a more suitable market sales strategy, there will be higher sales performance.

How to choose a foundry sex underwear?

1. Select the founding factories produced by well -known brand companies, so that the quality of the product produced by foundries is relatively reliable;

2. Optimistic ingredient fabric to avoid being breathable and malignant stimulating;

3. Make good judgments of the size, the right size can be more comfortable and fit, and at the same time, it can also match the effect of coordinating and coordinating;

4. Pay more attention to choosing the brand’s brand strength, and seek the market to understand the actual situation of the store’s word of mouth.

in conclusion

In short, the founding factories are very popular in the market. Its quality is more reliable, more in line with market demand and fashion trend.When selecting the sexy underwear of the foundry, you should pay attention to the products produced by well -known brand companies, choose fabrics of high -quality ingredients, and appropriate sizes.

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