Fun underwear slightly fat sexy

Fun underwear slightly fat sexy

1. What is slightly fat

Fat fat refers to women with a slightly excessive body weight. Usually BMI (physical quality index) is between 23-27, not too heavy but not thin.This body has both challenges and opportunities for wearing erotic underwear.

2. How to choose the right size

Choosing the right size is the first step in the micro -fat women wearing sexy underwear.Because of your own curve, you often need to choose a slightly relaxed size to better emphasize advantages.It is best to measure your body before buying, and refer to the brand’s size table for selection.

3. Try different styles bravely

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Fat -fat women should not be limited to some so -called "safe styles", but should bravely try different styles to show their charm and confidence.From lace to texture, from mesh to transparent, different styles will bring different visual effects to your curve.

4. Comfort is also important

Dressed in sexy underwear, in addition to sexy, comfort is also a factor that cannot be ignored.Especially for micro -fat women, it is important to choose fabrics that suits them and comfortable fit.

5. The germination style

Rather than that slightly fat women have a specific underwear style, it is better to say that this depends on the personal style and inner feelings of different individuals.However, in order to emphasize curves, some styles, such as vest, tight tops, high waist panties, etc., are very suitable for slightly fat women, which can greatly enhance charm.

6. Focus on prominent

For fat women, underwear can not only increase sexy charm, but also highlight their beautiful lines.Choose the key styles, such as corset, abdominal clothes, thigh high socks, etc., which will make the curve more prominent.

7. accessories matching

Underwear is not only worn on the body, but also needs to be matched with appropriate accessories.For example, wearing some sequins, wrapped with a belt, tie a tie, etc., you can even add other accessories to show your personality charm.


8. Pay attention to color selection

Color is an important element to show charm.Micro -fat women should choose more vivid and saturated colors to strengthen sexy effects, and avoid being too dim and light.

9. Follow the details

Details determine success or failure. Micro -fat women need to pay more attention to details and overall effects while paying attention to their curves.For example, adjusting the shoulder straps of the underwear, massage back muscles, trimming legs, etc. can make the overall effect better.

10. Summary and point of view

Micro -fat women have both challenges and opportunities.In the aspects of appropriate size, comfortable fabric, suitable style, appropriate accessories, and attention details, you can show your sexy charm.Don’t be shy, bravely try different styles to show your self -confidence and personality, this is the most important.