How about sexy underwear looks good

How about sexy underwear looks good

1. Comfort must be placed first

The distinctive erotic underwear can increase your charm, but if it is uncomfortable, you will not be free and confident.Therefore, when buying underwear, we must consider comfort.A good erotic underwear must not only wear comfortable wearing, but also have good breathability and waterproofing, so as to ensure your comfort and health.

2. The underwear material should be high -quality

High -quality underwear materials are the basis for ensuring the comfort and quality of underwear.Try to select the soft, comfortable, breathable sexy underwear, such as silk, cotton, lace, etc.These materials are not only beautiful, but also can help protect the skin and prevent allergic reactions, and meet the wearing needs of general wearers.

3. But exposed

Sexy does not mean excessive exposure.A good erotic underwear should expose the parts you want to show, and hide the part you don’t want to show.It is best to choose a gentle style, which makes people feel interesting and mysterious.

4. The color should be matched

Choosing the right color can make sexy underwear more attractive.The skin tone is equipped with light colors such as pink, blue, purple, and bright colors such as black and red are more sexy.But the color is too bright and exaggerated, but it will appear outdated.Therefore, in terms of color selection, you must pay attention to the body and show your full charm.

5. Emphasize the uniqueness of details

The beauty of sexy underwear lies in details, such as tailoring, details and tailoring techniques, and so on.They are related to the brand, and their uniqueness makes the sexy underwear distinguished from other underwear.Putting on details will make your sexy underwear better.

6. Find a style that suits your figure

Everyone’s body characteristics are different, so they cannot pursue the style of others when choosing a style of sexy underwear.For example, women with large breasts can choose underwear with chest pads. People with slender body can choose tight -fitting styles. People who are fatter can choose the style of loose body, and so on.It will be better to find a style suitable for your body.

7. Understand the wearing rules on the occasion

Different types of sexy underwear, such as daily life, banquet, dating, etc., all need different clothing to cooperate with the occasions.For example, some sexy underwear is suitable for wearing home, but it is not suitable for wearing outside the field. Some sexy underwear is suitable for dinners, parties and other activities, but it is not suitable for daily life.Therefore, it is important to understand the wearing rules on the occasion.

8. The choice of accessories and cosmetics is also very important

The choice of sexy underwear is only one aspect, and the proper accessories and cosmetics are also important.For example, sometimes wearing jewelry on the chest and belly parts can make you more eye -catching.Makeup choices are also very important. Do not have its own style. Do not be too strong or exaggerated.

9. Keep a good cleaning habit

Interest underwear is not a conventional underwear, so pay special attention to maintenance and cleaning.Not only should you pay attention to time, you also need to use appropriate cleaning methods, and be careful not to mix different colors of sexy underwear.Maintaining good cleaning habits can help extend the life of sexy underwear.

10. Dressing requires self -confidence

More importantly, wearing erotic underwear must have confidence, which is the essence.Interest underwear is a free and independent expression, and is one of the most direct ways to show self -charm and self -confidence.On the basis of self -confidence, with appropriate clothing and accessories, you can achieve both fashionable and stylish.Therefore, it is not enough to have good sexy underwear, and you need to have confidence to wear beauty.


Wearing erotic underwear can effectively enhance women’s confidence and charm, but what erotic lingerie is good -looking, you need to choose according to your body, occasion and mood.Sex underwear needs to be considered in comfort, materials, colors, styles, details, and occasions.But the most important thing is the beauty of wearing underwear.Only self -confidence can make your sexy underwear look better.

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