I really like my husband to wear sexy underwear what to do

Background introduction: I like my husband wearing sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, my husband can glow with a new charm after wearing a sexy underwear.I don’t deny that I like to look at him like this, but I feel a little complicated to myself.What should I do?

Know your preferences and feelings

Before deciding how to deal with this situation, I need to talk to myself.What is the reason why my husband wears sexy underwear?Is it because he looks more sexy?Or is it because this increases the joy of love?Or just because it caused my curiosity?It is necessary to confirm that your true feelings are necessary to better determine how to deal with this problem.

Communicate with your husband frankly

Communication with her husband’s frankness is the key to solving this problem.If I like to see him wearing a sexy underwear, but feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, then I should tell him.But if he is happy and excited to see his sexy underwear, then we can explore new experience in this area together.

Find the underwear style that suits you

There are all kinds of erotic lingerie styles on the market. It is important to find a style suitable for you and husband.I can refer to the suggestions of some sexy underwear experts, such as Taobao, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms to understand the appearance and texture of different styles.Some styles may be more sexy, but I don’t feel suitable for myself or husband.So find the stylish underwear styles that are comfortable to both sides.

Try different occasions

Take some sexy photos and seize some romantic moments, which is very helpful for trying different occasions.For example, the anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday and other special days, we can use it as a good time to try new underwear styles and occasions, and use new experiences to increase the joy of love between us.

Respect the preferences of yourself and husband

When trying a new experience, it is important to respect the preferences of yourself and husband.If I find that my husband does not like to wear a style of sexy underwear, I should respect his opinions and guide to choose other styles.Conversely, if my husband likes a certain style, but I don’t like it very much, I should try to respect his opinions. If I feel uncomfortable, I should tell him my thoughts and seek a solution together.

Don’t feel ashamed

Many people feel embarrassed or shame when talking about sex and sexy underwear.But this is completely normal, the key is to be honest and honest when trying new experiences.If we feel that there is any exclusion or other confusion about one thing, then we should find a positive and positive way to express our thoughts.

Maintain each other’s respect and love

It is very important to remember to maintain mutual respect when trying new experiences.This process should be an experience about sharing, respect and love.We should support each other and encourage each other when trying new things.This will be a great experience that increases our feelings.

Enjoy sex and preferences

To remember everything, you need to remember your principles.I believe that as long as we follow some simple rules, we can enjoy sex and sexy underwear.When we overcome shame and concerns, it is very interesting to show ourselves and seeking new fun.

End view: enjoy the fun of life

Today’s life is full of pressure and busyness.That’s why I think we should explore and try new fun and experience from time to time.Interest underwear, like many other sex equipment, is a way to increase sex and romantic experience.That’s right, sometimes trying to build a new experience makes us feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.But I believe that as long as we are frank, honest and respectful, this will only increase the relationship between us.

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