Interesting underwear Korean translation Chinese

Interesting underwear Korean translation Chinese

What is the Korean translation of sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear, as an element that combines aesthetics and emotions, has become a popular trendy jewelry nowadays.In daily life, we inevitably communicate with others in this regard, so the understanding of Chinese translation Chinese in sexy underwear is also particularly important.After all, how should the so -called sexy and sexy underwear be expressed in Korean?Next, let’s take a look at this content together.

What do you say sexy underwear?

If you want to express "sexy lingerie", you can use "??? ????" in Korean for expression.The "???" in this word can be directly understood as "sexy", and "????" means "baby doll", indicating that the degree of cuteness of this underwear is very high.

What words do beauty sex lingerie use?

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If you want to express the meaning of "beautiful women’s sexy underwear", you can use the word "?????" to express it."???" is a place name in South Korea. Because the night culture in the area is very famous, there is a name "??? Girl".

What do you say about adult sex lingerie?

In Korean, you must express the words "adult erotic lingerie", you can use the word "??? ??", where "???" means "adult -dedicated", and "??" means skinPerfect clothes.

How to say European and American sexy underwear?

If you want to express the vocabulary such as "Europe and the United States", you can use "???? ???" in Korean for expression, and "????" means "Europe’s", "???" meansRefers to lingerie.

How to express the material of sexy underwear?

When we talk about sexy underwear, they are likely to involve their materials.If you want to express this problem in Korean, we can use "??" and the corresponding physical term for matching, such as "??? ?? ??" (lace -made underwear) and so on.

What is the popularity of sexy underwear in Korea?

Although sexy underwear, as a trendy jewelry, has received widespread attention at home and abroad, the popularity in South Korea is actually relatively limited.Because South Korea still has certain aesthetic constraints and reasons for cultural and religious factors, sexy underwear has not been widely accepted in South Korea.However, with the gradual opening of social atmosphere, this situation may change.


What are the brands of Korean sex underwear market?

As we know, South Korea is a country that focuses on trends and fashion, so many very well -known sexy underwear brands have emerged in the local area.For example, Everbra, YES MASTER, Tiamo, MIXXMIX, etc. These brands not only have a wide range of influence in the local area, but also have received certain recognition in the international market.

What is the significance of sexy underwear for women?

As a jewelry that embodies sexy charm, sexy underwear can largely make women feel confident and charm.In Chinese and Western cultures, sexy underwear is a relatively private and mysterious element. Therefore, wearing sexy underwear can not only increase self -aesthetics and self -satisfaction, but also add passion between sexes.


The sexy underwear in Korean is not complicated, but in Korean society, the popularity of sexy underwear is relatively low, which is slightly different from the domestic market.In the end, we should also realize that sexy underwear, as a jewelry, is more important to make the wearer’s feelings at the physical and mental level, not just to satisfy the eyeballs and strange attention of others.