Large -size sexy underwear fat MM300 catties

Large -size sexy underwear fat MM 300 catties

Paragraph 1: The status quo of the market for large size sex underwear market

As people’s attention and health are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear is no longer just a tight -fitting small bra and a slim -shaped underwear.There are also a variety of large -size sexy underwear on the market, especially suitable for those who are fat.But for more than 300 pounds, choosing a large -size sexy underwear that suits you becomes more difficult.

Paragraph 2: How to measure your size

Choose a suitable large -size sexy underwear to measure your size correctly.The commonly used measurement method is to measure bust, waist, and hips. At the same time, the actual situation of the stomach and lower back needs to be considered.Keep your body relax during measurement and use a soft ruler to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

Paragraph 3: Select the right style

There are many types of large -size sex lingerie styles, but not every style is suitable for everyone.Women with more than 300 pounds can choose wide shoulder straps and high -waisted conjoined sexy lingerie. This style can better wrap the chest and abdomen, reduce shaking and relaxation.

Paragraph 4: the importance of fabric

The choice of fabrics is particularly important for large -size erotic lingerie.Good fabrics can not only make people feel more comfortable, but also better wrap the body and provide sufficient support.In order to avoid too tightness and imperforming, you can choose cotton and linen fabrics with good breathability and moderate elasticity.

Paragraph 5: Selection of color

Choosing a color that suits you is also an important part.The dark -colored large -size sexy underwear makes people look thinner, but the light -colored style can better set off the skin’s color.Therefore, you need to choose according to your actual situation.

Paragraph 6: sexy and comfortable balance

You need to find a sexy and comfortable balance when choosing a large -size sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the more tight and sexy styles, the more uncomfortable, but the comfortable sexy underwear cannot achieve the sexy effect.Therefore, weighing between the two, choose a style that can make you feel sexy and comfortable.

Paragraph 7: Adjust underwear

Even if you choose a suitable large -size sexy underwear, you may encounter some problems, such as underwear troubles, the impact of obesity on women’s reproductive health.Therefore, in addition to choosing the right style and fabric, it is also necessary to solve possible problems that may exist through controversial increased reproductive health (excitement) underwear.

Paragraph 8: Purchase of large size sex lingerie

When buying a large -size sexy underwear, you can go to physical stores to try on or buy it online.If the purchase location is the online market, you need to pay special attention to sizes and fabrics to determine your size and your favorite fabric.

Paragraph 9: Precautions for the maintenance of large -size sexy underwear

After buying and wearing a large -size sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to its maintenance matters to extend its service life.Generally speaking, large -size erotic underwear requires hand washing instead of machine washing. Do not use bleach. Choose to dry in a cool place instead of drying.

Paragraph 10: conclusion

For women weighing more than 300 pounds, choosing a large -size erotic underwear that suits them may be more challenging, but just take a little time and energy, you can find the most suitable underwear for you!Don’t let your weight become a hindrance to your beauty. Large -size sex lingerie will give you a confident and beautiful appearance.

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