Sex underwear market situation

Sex underwear market situation

market background

In contemporary society, sexy underwear is no longer a simple functional clothing, but has become an interesting and stylish fashion category, which satisfies the desire of women for a better life.Great market demand.

Market size

According to statistics, China’s sex underwear market has accounted for 70%of the world’s share, and the market size exceeds 50 billion yuan each year.Among them, sexual feelings have become the mainstream of the market.

Consumer class analysis

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The consumer class mainly includes high -end consumers, middle class, white -collar workers and young women.Among them, high -end consumers pay attention to quality and design, the middle class pays more attention to cost -effectiveness, while white -collar workers pay more attention to comfort and wear experience, while young women pay more attention to fashion and trend.

Brand Analysis

At present, in the sexy underwear market, domestic and foreign brands have occupied the main market share.Well -known brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, Jockey, briefs, etc. have become popular, and have become the objects of various consumers compete.

Design trend

In terms of design, sexy underwear is more and more attached to the combination of three major factors of comfort, health, and fashion, while paying attention to the application of environmentally friendly materials and the construction of brand culture.In terms of styles and colors, in addition to the basic color systems such as dark and bright colors, more and more brands have begun to pay attention to the use of cultural elements and fashion trends.

Sales channel analysis

The sales channels for sex underwear mainly include two forms of online and offline.Online sales are mainly sold through e -commerce platforms, official websites and other channels, while offline mainly relies on brand image stores such as shopping malls and specialty stores.

Consumer psychological analysis

As we all know, sexy underwear is a relatively private product. Many consumers not only pay attention to quality and styles, but also pay attention to taste and experience. This is particularly obvious when shopping in physical stores.At the same time, because sexy underwear emphasizes the beauty of women, many women pay attention to their beautiful figure and their own wearing comfort when they buy.

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market expectation

As consumers have gradually improved quality requirements and the continuous consideration of fashion and comfort, the sexy underwear market will maintain a continuous growth momentum.At the same time, domestic brands will also grow stronger in the market, becoming a business force that cannot be ignored in the sex underwear market.

Market challenge

With the intensification of foreign brands entering the competition with domestic brands, manufacturers’ demand continues to increase the risk of inventory backlog, and at the same time, it also faces intensified cost pressure on marketing.

Future direction

The development and promotion direction of sexy underwear will further pay attention to brand culture and quality, and pay attention to the layout of e -commerce, combined with big data marketing, allow more consumers to recognize the charm of brand and products, and to realize the in -depth promotion of products.


Generally speaking, the sexy underwear market has huge market prospects and challenges, and the development prospects and directions are full of new opportunities and challenges. Manufacturers need to actively study market demand, maintain brand innovation and improve product quality, improve brands in the market in the marketCompetitiveness.