Sex Underwear Show 2016 Japan

Sex Underwear Show 2016 Japan

Sexy underwear show 2016 Japan grand opening

Every year, the sexy underwear show can bring a new breath to the fashion industry, and the 2016 Japanese sex underwear show is no exception.As an important stage for the world’s underwear industry, the Japanese sexy underwear show has attracted much attention for its unique features in design and innovation.

Japanese designers’ creative imagination

Many brand designers who participated in this year’s sexy lingerie show have worked hard on the design imagination of underwear style.The unique design style and fashion elements make this sexy lingerie show more eye -catching.

The perfect combination of self -confidence with beauty

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Interest underwear focuses on the modification and emphasis on women’s bodies, so the design concepts of brand designers are integrated self -confidence and beauty.At this sexy underwear exhibition, the designers’ works not only showed women’s slender figure, but also made self -confident women show their charming features.

Inspiration comes from nature

In terms of design inspiration, the designers of the sex underwear show focus on the fusion between nature and underwear, and integrate some natural elements into sexy underwear, such as bird feathers, flowers, and so on.This design concept adds an elegant and noble atmosphere for sexy underwear.

European and American elements are displayed on the Japanese sexy underwear show

As one of the world’s sex lingerie ceremony, the designers are not limited to the display of Japanese elements, but they also fully integrate European and American elements in underwear design. This transnational design concept makes sexy underwear popular worldwideOver the place.

The color and fabric of underwear and fabrics

The quality of sexy underwear is not only looking at the style, but also the color and fabric are also an important manifestation of internal quality.In the sexy underwear show, the designers also fully paid attention to the selection of fabrics, and used high -end velvet and silk fabrics, and the details of the details and the color matching of the underwear were also very delicate.

The perfect combination of sexy and fashion

Sexy is no longer the only selling point in the sex underwear market, and sexy underwear is also fashionable.Designers combine sexy and fashion to create sexy underwear that can fully show feminine charm.

Fetish Wear

Fairy underwear for men and women

Interest underwear is no longer just a unicorn in the women’s underwear market, and men’s sexy underwear has also emerged in the market.This time the sexy underwear show also shows the design style of men’s sexy underwear, and its exquisite fabrics and superb craftsmanship are amazing.

The passion and vitality brought by sexy underwear

The sexy underwear market is developing rapidly at an amazing speed, and the passion and vitality it brings are also praised.Underwear is no longer just functional clothing, and it has gradually become a symbol of culture and fashion.

The development trend of sexy underwear

The market prospects of sex underwear are promising, and the future development trend is gradually becoming clear.Designers will continue to dig deep into the needs of women. Not only will they continue to innovate in functionality, but they will also pay more attention to improvement in quality, fabrics and comfort, bringing better underwear experiences to women.


The sex of the sexy underwear show 2016 is wonderful in Japan, both in terms of design concepts, styles, and fabrics.The culture and market prospects contained in sex underwear are exciting, bringing infinite motivation to the underwear industry.