Sexual Emotional Innerwear Original Video Daquan

Sexual Emotional Innerwear Original Video Daquan

What is sexy underwear?

Sexuality Fun underwear is a naughty, a bit playful, and a little mysterious underwear style.Many women wear them on special occasions, which can evoke the sexy and adventurous spirit of women deep in their hearts.The style of sexual feelings is very rich. From a half -cup bra to high waist underwear, from metal chain to lace lace, from black to bright colors, you can find a style that suits you.

Common sexuality fun underwear styles

There are many types of sexy underwear. There are many types of more common styles in the following:

1. Three -point sexy underwear

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2. Stockings set sexy underwear

3. Uniform erotic underwear

4. Brablet for sex underwear

5. Open crotch sex sheet

6. Human -character pants Interesting underwear

Different types of sex eroticism, the charm of fun underwear

Each type of sexuality and sexy underwear have their own unique charm. Let’s take a look one by one:

Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear is a more classic and common sexual erotic lingerie. It is mainly composed of high waist underwear and upper and lower chest stickers.Most of the upper and lower chest stickers are made of thin materials and lace. This design creates a unique female sexy charm.


Stockings sleeve sexual shirt

Interesting lingerie in stockings is generally composed of a piece of jacket and a pair of pantyhose. This kind of sexual emotional and fun underwear can extend the proportion of women’s figure, and at the same time outlines women’s slender beautiful legs. This is a seductive and charm of underwear.Essence

Fun sexy underwear

Fun sexy underwear generally imitates the dress style of women in the workplace, such as nurses, police, students, etc. Because this style can evoke people’s associations for professional women, with a strong role -playing and flirting atmosphere.


The bras are composed of ultra -short round neck tops and lace bra. The design of the underwear allows women’s figure to be well modified, which can show the wonderful body curve of women.

Open Crown Sex Place

The design method of opening the crotch sex lingerie is not to conveniently wear out, but to emphasize the stimulus and fragrant nature of the sex process. This design method allows women to fully enjoy the stimulus and happiness of sex!

Human characters and pants are informal underwear

Human -character pants are usually composed of lace lace and metal chain, which reflects the sexy of women to the fullest, which can meet the different women’s needs for visual and sexual pleasure.

Sexuality Fun underwear material selection

The material of sexual and erotic lingerie is very critical, mainly because of the display and comfort of the figure. The following common materials are introduced:

1. lace

2. Modell

3. Silk

4. Soft cotton fabric

5. Leather

How to buy sex and sexy underwear?

Before preparing to buy sexual and emotional underwear, consider the occasions of the collection and the characteristics of the personal figure, and want to fully discover the advantages of the figure. The proportion of body proportion is a very important factor.In terms of buying, it is generally recommended to try it out in the physical store first, and consider and evaluate the material comfort from the comfort and size.

How to wear sex and love underwear?

As long as you easily master the principle of dressing, you can wear sex underwear to feel you want.

1. The sexy underwear suitable for your own size. The underwear size is a personal standard. Do not wear too tight or loose.

2. The color matching color should be reasonable, different underwear styles and different matching methods.

3. The sexy underwear of the high -necked type can be paired with a high -quality jacket or skirt. The bright red, magnetic purple, and dark brown tone are color choices, making you more unique sexy.

4. Pleated underwear, can be paired with stockings, high heels and wide shoulder jackets.

Sexual Emotional Maintenance

After using sexual emotional interest underwear, correct cleaning and maintenance are particularly important.It is generally recommended to wash (using neutral detergent) or dry washing. Do not put it in the machine. At the same time, you should pay attention to different categories of doors. Different materials are different to avoid scratching or hairy conditions during the cleaning process.When drying, try to prevent exposure to strong light and avoid using electric heaters to dry.

Sexual feelings of fun underwear wearing taboos

1. Do not wear too tight or loose sexy underwear.

2. Excessive blind pursuit of sexy to achieve the effect of over -fire.

3. Irregular wear to avoid the safety hazards brought by the erotic underwear in the process of sex.

Some tips for sexy underwear

1. If your body is thinner, choose the style of clothing underwear, which can make your curve more charming.

2. Very heavy lace sexy underwear, wearable effects will feel like little girls.

3. If your body is fatter, choose to create a lace skirt underwear, it will properly stretch the curve to create a slimming effect.

4. In terms of locking, metal components, locks, etc., it can be properly corrected. The effect of not squeezing, not stretching and loose fit is the correct effect.


The style and matching of sexy underwear are ever -changing. You need to choose from your personal needs and figure. I hope that the sexy underwear knowledge introduced above can ensure that you are more smooth when you buy and wear, and show your sexy more confidently!