Sexy sleeping and fun underwear open stall

Sexy sleeping and fun underwear open stall

Sexy sleeping and fun underwear open stall

For women who want to add romantic and sexy atmosphere, sexy sleeping and sexy underwear is a very good choice.Among them, the sexy underwear after opening the file is the most attractive. Let me tell you some knowledge of sexy sleeping and sexy underwear.

Open stall pajamas erotic underwear type

There are basically two types of opening pajamas. One is the full opening type, that is, the bottom of the pants is open.The other is to open a small mouth to facilitate acting. The position of the small mouth is usually located between the legs or hips.

Advantages and disadvantages of full -scale and small mouth

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Full -fledgling pajamas can meet the needs of allowing you to make any sexual behavior with the other half, while the small mouth type can be more convenient to wear daily, avoiding the embarrassment of the whole pants.However, the small mouth -type opening may be smaller, so it is a bit inconvenient when performing sexual behavior.

Open stall pajamas erotic lingerie material

The material of opening pajamas and sexy underwear is usually thin and soft, making people feel comfortable and breathable.Common materials include silk, lace, fish nets, transparent grids, and so on.Different materials are suitable for people with different occasions and personality.

Choose to open the stall pajamas erotic underwear

Open pajamas and sexy underwear are most suitable for two people’s private occasions, such as when they get along alone, Valentine’s Day dinner, romantic moments on the bed, and so on.At the same time, it can also be used as a sexy pajamas to add fun to the bed.

How to match the opening pajamas and sexy underwear

When choosing to open a stall pajamas, you need to consider the matching of color and style.Black or red is a relatively common color. A good -looking lace or silk pajamas sexy underwear is also a good choice.When matching, you can choose to match some sexy stockings or high -heeled shoes, which can better highlight the advantages of the figure.

Open stall pajamas sexy underwear maintenance

Open pajamas are usually tender and tender, so they need to be carefully maintained.You can choose to wash or use a washing bag to avoid friction and collision with other clothes to prevent scraping and burrs.

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Suggestions for buying pajamas sexy underwear

When choosing to open up pajamas sexy underwear, you need to buy a size and style that suits you.In addition, we can buy it online or go to the physical store to try on it. It is best to determine our accurate size before buying.

The choice of lace and silk for opening pajamas and sexy underwear

Laces and silk of open -stall pajamas are two common materials.The lace material is sexy and romantic, while the silk material is more soft and skin -friendly, which makes people feel comfortable.However, lace is not elastic and depends on detail decoration, so you need to pay special attention to its strength.Although the silk is soft and comfortable, it is relatively easy to wrinkle.

Common open -stall pajamas erotic underwear matching

There are more diverse matching of opening pajamas, which can be paired with different types of men’s underwear, socks, and so on.Common ways of matching include a combination of full -opening pajamas and triangular underwear, or a combination of opening pajamas and T -shaped or thongs.

The point of view of opening pajamas erotic underwear

The design of sexy sleeping underwear is not only to add interest to sexual life, but more importantly, it can make women open themselves better, fully feel and enjoy the joy of sex. This is also a kind ofProjection and expression of spiritual emotions.Therefore, choosing to open up pajamas sex underwear is not a relaxed thing, you need to consider your needs and attitude.Only with what you are willing and suitable can you truly enjoy the fun brought in it.