Sexy underwear broadcast advertising video

Sexy underwear broadcast advertising video


A beautiful and touching face, intoxicated eyes, outline the perfect chest shape, which are one of the scenes in the sexy underwear advertisement.With the continuous progress of society and the popularity of the Internet, the market competition of the sexy underwear industry has become more and more intense.Advertising has become one of the important means of promoting sexy underwear brands.Among them, sexy underwear broadcast advertisements are an efficient way of publicity, which will be introduced in detail below.

What is sexy underwear broadcast advertisement?

Interest underwear broadcast advertisements refer to a form of advertising played on TV, network and other platforms, and can promote promotion to a wider range of audiences.The length of sexy underwear broadcast ads is 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The advantage of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements

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Sexy underwear broadcast advertisements have the following advantages:

Facing a wider audience, increase brand awareness

The promotion effect is intuitive and obvious. The audience can feel the beauty and applicability of the product through the video

Let the audience have a strong desire to buy products and promote sales growth

Being able to create a brand shock in a short time, enhance the brand image

Sexual underwear broadcast advertisement production elements

Making a successful sexy underwear broadcast advertisement requires the following elements:

The theme is clear and matched with the product

The picture is beautiful, the color is properly matched


Strong rhythm, it is easy to attract the attention of the audience

The language is simple and clear, and it is easy to leave an impression

It can make viewers know and impress the product in a short period of time

Quotation underwear broadcast advertisement content planning

The content of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements should be closely linked to brand characteristics and audience needs, highlighting the selling point of the product.Can be expanded from the following:

Introduction to product characteristics, such as materials, styles, applicable occasions, etc.

The historical revolution and cultural connotation of the brand

Stimulate the impulse to buy with context advertising, such as presenting romantic couples, noble taste and other scenes

Sexual underwear broadcast advertisement expression forms

The performance form of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements can be used as follows:

Model display-demonstration of its beautiful figure

Couple Interaction-Demonstration of Emotional Interaction

Animation Advertising-Demonstration of Products or Use of Use

Questions of sex underwear broadcast advertisements

There are many kinds of dissemination channels for sex underwear broadcast advertisements. The following are common channels:

TV-you can choose to play in the appropriate time period, such as the golden period of the evening

Network platform-You can choose to play popular platforms such as Douyin and WeChat. At present, the Internet has become one of the most popular advertising methods for enterprises

Billboard-you can choose to display in subways, airports and other places, so that people can see advertisements anytime, anywhere

Case sharing of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements

The following are some successful sexy underwear broadcast advertising cases:

Victoria’s Secret-Playing through the show and major media platforms, officially became one of the representative brands of sexy underwear

Advertising in the U.S. AIDS Foundation-Making with sexy underwear has strengthened its theme of advocating safety and became another expression of sexy underwear advertisements

Charm and Concern-The sexy underwear advertisement is dynamically displayed through models and products, highlighting the beauty and wearing effect of the product, becoming one of the popular advertisements in the market

How to measure the effect of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements

The following is an indicator that can be used to measure the effect of sexy lingerie broadcast advertising:

Advertising click rate: click Number/Advertising Exposure

Sales growth rate: The changes in the search volume, sales, unit price and other indicators before and after advertising playback

Increased popularity: After the advertisement is played, whether the brand’s own popularity has improved

in conclusion

Interest underwear broadcast advertisements have become one of the important means to promote sexy underwear brands.Only through the comprehensive use of elements such as careful content construction, proper expression forms, and correct communication channels, can we make impressive and good dissemination of sexy underwear broadcast advertisements with good communication effects.Therefore, enterprises should adopt a scientific and reasonable release strategy, improve the advertising communication system, and continuously improve the effect of advertising.