Sexy underwear buyer show C -shaped pants

Sexy underwear buyer show C -shaped pants

What is C pants?

C -shaped pants are a special style of sexy underwear, which can be divided into two different designs.The first is that there is only one thin band, and there is no ghost scissors in the back. There is only a thin band in the center of the hips. The shape is similar to "C", so it is called "C -shaped pants".The second is similar to ordinary briefs, but there are two thin bands, crossing through the hip, the shape is similar to "T", so it is also called "T -shaped pants".

The characteristics of C -shaped pants

Compared with conventional sexy underwear, C -shaped pants are more special in design, especially the first type. Because there is only one thin band, the visual effects leave a unique visual impact and tension.In addition, the main feature of C -shaped pants is that the area is small, the perspective is high, sexy and seductive.

The material and flower type of C pants

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Like his interesting underwear, C -shaped pants also have various materials and flower types, such as flocculus cotton or sexy transparent silk, fancy color or low -key black and white gray, and even metal, jewelry or laceWait for the decoration style to choose from.

The applicable occasion of C -shaped pants

C pants are usually the most sexy and amazing category in the design of sexy underwear.If you match a sexy sexy underwear, it will make you more charming.This kind of sexy underwear is best to wear in private places, such as romantic nights or when relaxing with a partner at home.In addition, they are also suitable for bikini swimwear or competition swimwear.

How to match C -shaped pants?

C -shaped pants are designed as sexy and full -tension sexy underwear, so you need to match the appropriate clothing.If you wear a fancy C -shaped pants, the color of the top is preferably simple.If you are paired with a black C -shaped pants, you can try to improve the overall level with a metallic color.

What kind of person to wear?

C -shaped pants are suitable for anyone in any body type, but the most suitable crowd is a person with tall body, coordinated waist and hip ratio.If your waist and hips are not coordinated, you can choose loose material pants with pattern to balance the proportion of waist and hip.

How to maintain C -shaped pants?

Because the materials of C -shaped pants are delicate and expensive, they need to be carefully maintained.It is recommended to use hand washing, one by one to avoid washing clothes and tied together.Use cold water, do not use bleach or dryer.In addition, it is recommended to store C -shaped pants in an independent box to avoid pollution from sunlight and dust.


The price range of C -shaped pants

The price of C pants is different, generally different due to brand, material, design and other reasons.The price range ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Although the price may be a bit high, in order to maintain its high -quality characteristics and high -quality use, it is worth investing.

How to choose a C -shaped pants that suits you?

When choosing a C -shaped pants that suits you, you should first consider its brand, texture, color, and size.Secondly, you should follow your personal preferences and choose the C -shaped style that is sexy suitable for your heart.Finally, the best consultant’s professional sexy underwear experts to understand your body type and category of C -shaped pants suitable for you


C -shaped pants are the most popular styles in sexy underwear, and are the most charming category to show women’s body curves.Although the price may be high, it is worth investing in a high -quality C -line pants to make your body sexy and enchanting.I hope that through this article, you have a deeper understanding of C -shaped pants, and you can choose C -shaped pants that are suitable for you.