Sexy underwear female showbite pants

Sexy underwear female showbite pants

What is a sculpted pants?

Sao thong is a sexy sexy underwear women, with a high degree of sexy.The two parts of this pants are connected with a strap to form a "T" type. Its simple design and reflect the shape of the hip shape of women, which reminds people of some sensitive and sexy meaning.

History of Sao Tingle Pants

Sao thong was born in the needs of young people’s entertainment life. Its design concepts come more from visually sexy and exciting.This kind of pants were originally used as a theater supplies until the 1970s and the earliest Shakespeare Theater, which was first applied to Leicester Square, was mainly used in Shakespeare’s quality performance.

Material and color of Sao thong

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Most of the sculpted pants are bright red and black tones. The soft fabric makes it comfortable and not easy to have discomfort for a long time. The commonly used materials are high elastic, humid -absorbing and breathable fabrics.

Features of Sao thongs

The most awakened feature of Sao thongs is that the bottom part is connected to the side parts through thin bands to form a T -shaped structure. It has sexy, stuffing, ecstasy and other properties, so it is most suitable for use in fun occasions.Its addition has made some monotonous fun and diverse, bringing people a sense of sexual stimulation, and more conducive to discovering more sexual gameplay of both sides.

Advantages of Sao thong

The advantage of Sao thongs is mainly to extend the way of sex and make monotonous sex games more interesting and tasteful.It can stimulate the sexual desires of both parties and benefit more people, and the degree of sexy is very important. It can satisfy the sexual ability of both parties, better solve sexual pressure, and increase the quality of sex.

The matching of Sao thong

Sao thongs can consider adding some auxiliary props in terms of matching, such as handcuffs and eye masks. You can also consider adding some sexual skills, such as adjusting the caressing rhythm and strength, soothe the other person’s body, and so on.In addition, it can also cooperate with a good atmosphere and music effects to create a comfortable and warm environment, so that both sides can better enjoy sexual love.

Suitable crowd

Sao thongs are suitable for people with sufficient sexual experience and sex skills, and they are also suitable for people who pursue and challenge sex.

Sexy Costumes


Sao pants are not suitable for everyone. For example, people with heart disease or sexually transmitted diseases, as well as women during pregnancy and people with poor health conditions, should avoid using such sex underwear.

Instructions for use

You need to wear it correctly when using Sao Tingye pants, put the T -shaped part on the root of the thigh, and then pull the side to the root of the rear hip.In the position, be careful not to tighten or loose.

How to clean

Sao thongs can be cleaned with warm water and washing agent. It is not recommended to use a cleaning agent containing or chlorine, as much as possible to keep it clean and hygienic.


Generally speaking, Sao thong is a sexy sexy underwear female style. Because of its irritating and sexy characteristics, it has been supported and recognized by many people.If you want to improve the quality and satisfaction of sex, this high -quality sexy underwear is the best choice.