Sexy underwear open crotch hot dance

Sexy underwear open crotch hot dance

Sexy underwear open crotch hot dance


Interest underwear is a tool to increase sex and tease sexy. Among them, "open crotch pants" has become a trend in women’s sexy underwear.Why did it cause heated discussion?This article will explore this topic in depth.

History background

The history of open crotch underwear can be traced back to the ancient Han and Tang dynasties.According to records, in the court of the Tang Dynasty, when the servants were served, they needed to wear special open crotch clothing.Over time, the opening of the crotch is considered a symbol of interest and sexy, and it has gradually become popular in modern sex underwear markets.

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design style

The design style of open crotch underwear is very diverse.There are three steps on the crotch type (open crotch around the waist, respectively on both sides), one separate edition of the crotch (the only side on the waist), the TA -character open crotch type (front and back of the crotch, exposure to the pussy after wearing), V -shaped open crotchFormula (around the open crotch between the legs), and so on.

With suggestions

Try to avoid wearing blue jeans or any fragmented or worn material when wearing open crotch underwear, because bare skin will be friction and stimulation quickly.

Suitable crowd

Open crotch underwear is more suitable for women who are confident and dare to try their bodies.At the same time, it is also a tool for mood to increase the stimulation and adjustment in sex.


When wearing open crotch underwear, you must choose the right occasion carefully to avoid unexpected embarrassment.At the same time, the choice of crotch also needs to be very careful, and must match the underwear style and ensure comfort.



To maintain open crotch underwear is the same as ordinary underwear, but you need to pay attention to health issues.It is recommended to change clothes after half a day, and use mild detergent for hand washing and drying.

Moral dispute

There is a certain moral controversy in the market for open crotch underwear.Critics believe that this underwear has helped gender speech, obscenity and sexual violence.On the other hand, some people refute that open crotch underwear is for self -expression and sexual liberation.

market expectation

Historical experience shows that the open crotch underwear market is a very potential and prospect.Sexy underwear is constantly innovating and improved, and there will be more and more popular open crotch underwear equipment in the future.

in conclusion

Open crotch underwear is a kind of interest and sexy manifestation. Using it requires careful consideration, choosing and maintenance of crotch.The market is controversial, but the market prospects are broad, and more and more women enjoy more freedom and choice in this regard.