Sexy underwear pants buying and selling

Sexy underwear pants buying and selling

Types of sexy underwear pants

Interest underwear pants are a special underwear.It is characterized by the lack of pants behind it. Only one thin rope passes through the hips and connects to both sides to cover the key parts of the lower body.Through pants are generally divided into two categories: lace style and satin style.Lace style is the main style of women’s sexy underwear, and the satin style is more suitable for men.

Size of sexy underwear pants pants

The size of the sex underwear pants is distinguished according to the waist circumference.Generally speaking, the S number is suitable for women with a waist circumference of 58-64cm. The M number M is suitable for women with a waist circumference 64-70cm. The L is suitable for women with a waist circumference 70-76cm.The size of men’s sex underwear pants is usually measured according to several indicators such as waist and hips.

The use of sexy underwear pants pants

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Interesting underwear pants are suitable for those who want to increase interest, stimulate feelings, and improve sex.For couples, wearing sexy underwear pants can enhance sexual interest and deepen the feelings.For single people, wearing sexy lingerie pants can masturbate and make themselves feel greater stimulus.

Quota underwear pants material

The material of sexy underwear pants is mainly considered comfortable and soft.High -quality erotic underwear pants can bring people soft, breathable, comfortable and comfortable touch.At the same time, high -quality materials can also ensure lasting underwear and continue to maintain color and shape.

The color of sexy underwear pants

The color of sexy underwear pants should be selected according to the occasion and taste.If it is used in sex venues, black and red are more popular colors.In ordinary occasions, white, meat -colored or light -colored can also be considered.In addition, different colors can be selected according to skin tone, age, temperament, etc.

Sexy underwear pants matching

The matching of sexy underwear pants does not need to consider much as other underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear pants are very suitable when matching the tops such as lace bra.At the same time, if you want to perform more exciting role -playing, you can match various sex clothing to show different sexy effects.

Precautions for Selection of Selection of Fun underwear Pants

When choosing sexy underwear pants, you must first pay attention to the size to ensure that you can wear comfortable and not too tight or loose.Secondly, the material also needs special attention. It is very important to choose the soft and high -quality underwear.Finally, the choice of color and style should be considered according to their preferences, tastes and occasions.

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The price of sexy underwear pants pants

The price of sexy underwear pants is different from factors such as quality, materials and brands.On the market, the price of a good quality sexy underwear pants is usually between 50-200 yuan.Of course, low prices do not necessarily mean that the quality is not good, and specifically should also be selected according to their own needs and price.

Sex of sex underwear pants purchase location

The purchase of sexy underwear pants can be carried out online or offline.Online, Taobao, Tmall, and other e -commerce platforms are rich in sexy lingerie pants.Offline, each large shopping mall has fun underwear counters, which can be tried to buy.


Interest underwear pants can not only provide couples with more sexual interests and stimuli, but also bring more masturbation fun to singles.However, during the purchase process, you should still pay attention to details such as size, material, color, price, and purchase channels.Only by choosing a sexy lingerie panties that suits you according to your needs and preferences can you truly improve sexual interest and enjoy sex.